Just two months ago, America stepped out of the Paris agreement. And after one of the driest years on record we saw both the gift and the curse of a banner year of snow. For farmers and ranchers, it meant being able to continue their livelihoods. For river-runners and hikers, it meant epic flows and wildflowers as tall as your head that bloomed through August. At the same time the snow took lives, and millions of trees downed by avalanches across the state will hasten beetle kill in areas like our own. These variations and extremes are part of the changes we are seeing in our mountains. 

As an organization, Sheep Mountain Alliance continues to adapt to the new realities we are living in. This means constant and deep civic engagement on issues. It means working together with a wide range of stakeholders in defense of our planet. It means reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously ensuring that we are ready to deal with drought, wildfire and environmental change. It means ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, has equitable access to the benefits of public lands and feels welcome there.

In 2019 we have worked to ensure that our coalition is more diverse and our capacity greater. We are listening, learning, and rebuilding relationships across communities, with the hope that public lands can unite us rather than divide us. We are taking on climate change, trying to find cleaner energy and jobs alternatives for the communities most affected by change. This year we embraced our role of advocate, speaking up for lands, waters, wildlife, people, and ensuring that a variety of voices will be heard by our decision-makers. Moving forward into 2020, we are digging into these areas, making sure that our work is durable and representative. 

Our community relies on the integrity of the environment that surrounds us. Sheep Mountain Alliance is your local environmental advocacy organization, working every day to protect your health, recreation and livelihoods. We work on issues from ecosystem conservation to environmental justice, amplifying your voice so that you have a say in your future. We want to thank our community and the many people who helped make this work possible. Our membership makes us who we are. 

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