I am a mentee in the Telluride High School Mentorship Program. My mentor is Cedar Palmer, who attended the school when he was younger. I chose to do this program with Cedar to get better at filmmaking and editing software. A big highlight in mentorship so far was on Oct. 27, when Cedar played his film, “The Dean's List,” at the opera house. I got to sell merch, watch the 5 p.m. film and then film for the second showing on his super nice camera setup to make a Youtube video of it. This has helped me a lot in high school by actually doing something that I enjoy doing. I definitely want to use what I have learned in my future and to learn more about filmmaking and editing. It could be a possible college interest also. I would tell other students to do mentorships, but only if it is something that they’re interested in. I get that it wouldn’t be fun to do a boring mentorship, but I’m thankful to have a really good mentor.

Addi Dec

Telluride High School