I am doing my mentorship program with Beth Bailis. She is a professional landscape architect. I chose this mentorship because I believe everyone has the ability to create a positive change in the community. However, one of my good friends that recently graduated really recommended Beth because of the interesting and fun things you can learn about the landscapes around Telluride. Out of all the fascinating things that Beth and I have done, the highlight so far has been exploring Beth's architecture around Telluride. We cruised up and down the streets looking at the unique architecture of these amazing houses located near the east end of town. Although landscape architecture is a very interesting thing, it really doesn't touch on any of my school subjects. Working with Beth for the past month it has really opened my eyes to lots of opportunities within our community. Like all the interesting things Beth has exhibited with me, landscape architecture has definitely opened up a career interest. Landscape architecture has for the most part made me a more open-minded person. With all the opportunities within landscape architecture, it certainly makes you think about the little things within our town. For oncoming mentorship students, I highly recommend mentoring in something that you have at least some interest in. If you are interested in landscape architecture, I suggest mentoring with Beth Bailis.

Shane Reeder

Telluride High School