Last Friday, it was such a nice day that I decided to ride the motorcycle. At the top of Norwood Hill I encountered two doe exercising their pedestrian rights and attempting to cross the highway. Good news is the deer are fine. Bad news is the same cannot be said of me. I surfed on my back and belly for around 40 feet before coming to rest in the middle of my lane.

Thank you, one and all to folks who stopped to help and to call 911. Thank you, EMTs of Norwood Fire for your incredibly selfless response, leaving jobs and family to come to my aid. You people are truly humbling.

If not for your quick, decisive and intelligent response I do not believe I would be writing this letter today. Thank you to the Flight For Life Colorado. Thank you, St. Mary's Hospital emergency room,

Telluride Regional Medical Center and Dr. Gaylord for getting me in on Monday for my follow-up. The unrestricted response from all of you is very deeply felt. I am, slowly, recovering because of the help of all of you.

To Eric Berg, a special thanks.

Oak Smith