On behalf of Telluride Public Works and the town, in general, I would like to thank Ramona Gaylord, Ken Gaylord, Sue Theile and Alicia Bixby for their hard work along the Spur. Seeing an opportunity in the recent disturbance made by the broadband installers, Ramona asked whether she could purchase native wildflower seeds and get a crew together to rake in the seed before the winter storms set in. Public Works took her up on the offer, of course, and offered to reimburse her for the expense. In all, I think that they succeeded in sowing seeds on approximately half mile of disturbed ground. If the effort is successful, perhaps we could get a bigger group in play for next year! Whether the seeds germinate or not, please take time to thank these tireless workers for their vision and effort to make the entry to town more beautiful.

Karen Guglielmone

Telluride Public Works