The Telluride Town Council should reverse the decision to cancel 4th of July festivities this year. Since this decision was taken, new data and information regarding the pandemic is available that clearly indicates that decision to cancel the 4th is now excessive and unnecessary. Just like the mask mandate, it’s not too late to change the decision.

Crowds are gathering outside for Mountainfilm, various festivals are planned, and now we no longer have a mask mandate indoors in most places. COVID cases are at extreme lows, and rapidly falling across the country. The majority of adults in the county now are vaccinated. Yes, we will have tourists coming. But they will come no matter what. The incremental risks to holding the 4th festivities are nearly zero. 

The reality is that there is a major “cost” to canceling the 4th this year. Our kids. The 4th of July parade, fair, etc. is really first, and foremost, for the kids of our town. They don’t look forward to Bluegrass, Ride, etc. which are all going ahead. They want fun kid stuff like the 4th. We owe it to them.

Just like the Telluride mask mandate decision was reversed a few weeks ago, Town Council and the mayor should act now and reverse the decision to cancel the 4th of July this year. Hopefully, someone will set up and take the lead here. As Mr. T would say, “Do it for the kids!”   

Will Fox