San Miguel County Commissioner Waring stated in a Wednesday letter to the editor, “With support from San Miguel County, the legislature adopted bills that will better protect residents and businesses from steep electric hikes.” If the legislature and county commissioners are going to force inefficient and more expensive energy sources onto the public, then the public will pay more in either one of two ways — higher electric bills or higher taxes, as subsidies are required to support inefficient energy sources like solar and wind. You cannot force more inefficient and more expensive electricity sources onto the public without the public incurring additional costs — no matter what the legislative bills may state. Everyone will pay more in one way or another.

The marketplace already determines the most efficient sources of energy, as well as the most efficient sources of all other goods and services. Forcing an inefficient alternative onto the public can only increase the cost of that good or service.

While claiming to support the environment, Mr. Waring ignores the vast damage caused by solar farms, electric transmission lines from solar farms and wind turbines, and perhaps most harmful, the killing of millions of bats and birds, especially predators like golden eagles, every year by wind turbines. The presence of wind turbines — many of which are in grassland areas — also cause a significant loss of habitat for animals and birds, like the lesser prairie chicken and the greater sage-grouse. Solar farms also destroy and disrupt massive amounts of land, animal and plant life.

The environmental damage caused by the manufacturing and eventual replacement of batteries for electric cars will be extraordinary. Getting three of the most critical ingredients for an electric vehicle battery (cobalt, nickel and graphite) requires the movement of massive amounts of raw materials, including vast amounts of water, in some of the most environmentally sensitive areas of the planet. It also requires transportation from the primary producing areas, which are China, Australia and South America. Gasoline, especially for oil found and refined in the U.S., provides much greater productivity and efficient use of raw materials than battery manufacturing, charging and disposal.

The disposal of electric vehicle batteries — each battery can weigh 1,000 pounds — and old solar panels are another environmental concern because they contain toxic chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Furthermore, there is no effective means of recycling lithium ion batteries, which are the prominent batteries used in electric vehicles. Maybe all these old electric car batteries can be stored in abandoned coal plants and coalmines.

Human-caused climate change believers turn a blind eye toward science and the damage done to the environment by electric car batteries, wind turbines and solar farms, demonstrating their hypocrisy in caring for the environment and the planet. Their claims of “superior concerns for the environment” are disingenuous. Their hatred of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide production is so intense and blinding they cannot see the damage their proposals will cause to the environment.


Dan Agan

Mountain Village