It’s 6 a.m. Snowing heavy, sick as a puppy. Called 911. ETA 20 minutes. On scene, on time.

Mango's wonderful smile hit me, he gives me a big hug, asks a few questions, checks my veins, and without feeling a poke on top of my hand, fluid is running down through the IV.

Ambulance operator drives me down Lawson Hill from Ski Ranches without a glitch.

Mango gives me a kiss on the forehead and says that Ski Patrol is really busy, but the skiing is amazing. He also tells me that he is expecting the birth of his first child anytime now.

The radio crackle, he is gone to give comfort and help to somebody in need.

His touch, his cool, calm me down and took some of my pain away.

To all the volunteers on the EMS team, EMTs and paramedics, you are awesome.

Jean Marie Bayon