Soon after I moved to Telluride in 1998, I first stepped foot into Telluride Arts and I knew I had truly found my way home.

The arts have been an essential part of my life since childhood. I graduated from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with a major in interactive performance and video installation design.

I have always dedicated my energy to enhancing the community I love so very much. Over the years, I have volunteered in various capacities with Telluride Arts, and am currently the president of the board.

I am particularly excited to be a part of Telluride Arts leadership right now because, like most citizens, I have long looked upon the Transfer Warehouse building with the deep conviction that it should be preserved both as a historic structure and as the historic hub for “transfer.”

Transfer of goods, services and ideas has flowed through the stonewalls, from the early mining years to today. This rich tradition of cultural exchange is the backbone of what many of us love deeply about Telluride.

Converting the Transfer Warehouse into a cultural center will create a new forum for exchange. We are at a critical point. Last April, we became the owners and custodians of this important historic landmark.

Very soon we will have accomplished our first fundraising challenge, to retire the debt on the building. But we need your help.

The Transfer Warehouse Project is a direct result of the town’s Cultural Master Planning process that called for the creation of an arts center. Over 50 open public meetings have been hosted with the consistent goal of inviting input into the development of this iconic community gathering place. Telluride Arts was chosen to shepherd this project because our mission is to serve the entire arts community rather than a single art form or aspect.

We continue to invite all lovers of art and culture to participate in finessing the final design. The idea is to have the most flexible possible space for future generations of Telluride’s artists and cultural leaders to implement creative ideas.

We invite you to come by the Telluride Arts Headquarters any time to review the plans, participate in meetings, and most importantly, join me to help bring this vision to fruition.

Penelope Gleason

Telluride Arts