Last week I received a notification to remove a sandwich board sign from the front of my business, South Fir Street Gallery. When I opened the gallery, I was informed that I could have a sandwich board on the sidewalk, as long as it was not further than two feet into the sidewalk. I have followed this rule. I understand that we can use private property for a sandwich board, but some of our stores do not have this option.

Thanks to Telluride Town Council for considering updating the Hickcox Rule to allow merchandise throughout the year. The use of the sidewalk for merchandise gives character to our town and provides an essential quality to keeping our town vibrant. I want to request that sandwich boards be included. They do not protrude more than two feet into the sidewalk. A sturdy sandwich board is no more of a liability than some of the other sanctioned options.

With a season that includes eight months of practical retail and four months of offseason (April, May, October and November), it is challenging to make a living. Our rents do not go down during the offseason months.

We need all the help we can get. Please include sandwich boards when updating the Hickcox Rule.

Judy Haas