We are writing this letter regarding Lot Jay Partners/Michael Zivian’s conversion of the Creekside employee housing to deed-restricted condos.

The residents have been informed of the impending conversion and that we will be offered first right-of-refusal to purchase their respective unit. We are all low-income town employees that can barely afford to rent/eat/raise children in this town, yet alone purchase a so-called “affordable housing deed-restricted condo” for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An offer of six months, or a year, or even two years to find new housing is not sufficient, as you are aware, the availability of employee housing is non-existent. We are all low-income town employees, many with school age children.

It took two years on the waiting list to be able to live here. The waiting list at Shandoka has hundreds of names and is currently a three-plus-year wait.

Do current zoning laws allow for this type of conversion? At the least the residents should be offered comparable replacement housing, not a time frame to get out.

Maybe the town can purchase the building!

We are writing this letter with hopes of the town revisiting this issue, as 30 or so families will soon be evicted.

Randall Saldin on behalf of concerned residents of Creekside