Thursday afternoon I had a long discussion over lunch with David Oyster regarding his mayoral candidacy and how our town government operates.  When I have gone to public meetings involving the other two candidates, I have often felt that my participation was not completely welcomed. At a recent council meeting, I was characterized by the mayor as “taking a shot,” when I had factual knowledge to contribute to the discussion. At a series of meetings regarding a town capital project chaired by Delanie Young, I felt constrained to limit my comments to rare short moments, while other members of the public were able to go on for hour-long discussion with the committee.

The current Telluride Town Council often argues with and contradict testimony from the public. This has not been uncommon talking with other candidates and council members over the years. Not once in our meeting did Mr. Oyster argue or contradict my thoughts.

We must elect a mayor who will make policy decisions based on public input, objective evidence and science, not about their personal preferences or ruminations.

In the tenure of our current mayor, many decisions of the town have resulted in growing difficulty for community business and lost opportunities for community friendly development.

When I served on council for three years in the 1990s, I listened without countering public comment because I never wanted a constituent to feel unheard, because one doesn’t advance understanding by mostly listening to oneself, and because better decisions will be made by hearing other ideas and knowledge.

David previously served on a council that put the town on a responsible fiscal path. Recent councils have spent heavily and developed large projects out of cash on hand rather than take advantage of low interest rates.

Let’s elect a mayor who listens with respect and welcomes objective evidence from staff and the public alike. Vote for David Oyster for mayor of Telluride.

Jerry Greene