I know I'm far from the only person who reads the news every day with deepening dread. Everything gets worse the closer we get to the decisive election: more blatant transgressions of democratic and American values, norms and laws; more coronavirus; more economic devastation; more lies from the Trump Republican Party. And most disturbing of all, apparently deeper devotion to Trumpism from the Republican "base."

All of this was not only predictable, but widely predicted. This is precisely what we who opposed Trump in 2016 feared. And if we don't turn it back by winning the election, this is a textbook case of how democracies fail. Which makes the stakes so high that it's hard to wrap one's brain around it.

We need to remember that dispiriting us, the Democratic and democratic opposition, is precisely the point. The chaos is intentional because chaos seems to justify the authoritarian crackdown. Most likely, all of the despicable maneuvers by Trump, Barr and McConnell will backfire and make the opposition all the more determined to vote.

We have to work as hard as we can for the Blue Tsunami.

Trump is the symptom. The disease is the Republican philosophy of government, shared even by mild mannered elected officials like my opponent Marc Catlin. This is a philosophy that says freedom is equal to individual and corporate self-interest, and that greed is good; that government is the oppressor; that a free market unburdened by taxes or regulation always produces the best outcomes; that science is fake; and that one particular religion should occupy a central place in our society.

It is impossible to reasonably discuss issues with proponents of a political party bound by these unyielding ideological rules, because they take all of the potential solutions off the table. New taxes to solve a problem? No! New regulations to solve a problem? No! A new government initiative? No!

When the answer to every problem is less government, what you end up with is a pandemic running out of control, millions sick and tens of thousands dead. Not to mention all of the other chaos Trump has unleashed: the collapse of international cooperation and American global influence; tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent; worsening inequality; racism unleashed; justice corrupted.

We are at an inflection point with the potential for a great change in how we understand the role of government. It can't happen soon enough.

Seth Cagin

Colorado State House of Representatives District 58 candidate