This semester I am taking a mentorship class with Melissa Plantz. I chose to mentor with Melissa because she is an excellent photographer and super fun to be around. This mentorship has improved my editing skills, introduced me to new photography styles and helped me take better photos overall. One of the highlights of my mentorship so far was when Melissa was able to get me a media pass to Blues & Brews to teach me about festival photography. As a high school student, it was incredible to be able to experience that professional world. This mentorship has shaped me as a person by improving my communication skills and reinforcing my passion for photography. My mentorship has helped me improve communication skills by giving me the chance to talk with Melissa’s clients and try to understand what they want out of the photos. I would recommend this mentorship to future students because it not only improves your photography, but it helps give you a real world experience of working with clients in a professional environment.

Nate Ives