With holiday guests streaming into town and recent winter storms launching what promises to be another amazing ski season, it’s a great time for us in Mountain Village to reflect on 2019 and our plans for 2020.


This year, the Town of Mountain Village was excited to announce the official launch of our Fiber to the Home project, which is slated to deliver ultra-high-speed 1-gigabit internet to the exterior of each property in Mountain Village by the end of 2020. This year, crews began installing the new fiber network underground in certain parts of Mountain Village. The fiber construction is planned to resume in spring of 2020.

As I was recently reminded at the last Telluride Hospital District meeting, these fiber upgrades are not only an investment in meeting our personal and business needs for improved connectivity, these investments also impact our access to telehealth services that are critical to delivering first-class health care in our small, remote community.

To learn more about the fiber project please, visit townofmountainvillage.com/fiber.


This year, the Mountain Village Town Council took a number of key steps and made investments to enhance the safety and walkability of our community.

The Mountain Village Draft Trails Master Plan is an ongoing project to update, refine and expand upon the open space and recreation vision of our current transportation and recreation trail system and an assessment of trail conditions, user conflicts, an analysis of trail connectivity, and opportunities to expand the network by identifying specific trail segments and estimated costs for trail construction and maintenance. This plan will help us target and prioritize the need for trails based on safety, traffic and recreational opportunities.

We also approved the funding and creation of a number of safety enhancements, such as sidewalks and bike lanes, to help make biking and walking along Lower San Joaquin Road, Mountain Village Boulevard and Upper Country Club Drive safer and easier. These three roads were selected based on public feedback, traffic conditions, and Town Council’s concerns about bikes and pedestrians through these corridors.

This summer, Mountain Village implemented a dismount zone in the Village Center plazas, requiring cyclists to dismount and walk their bikes across the plazas, an area equivalent to one city block, or cyclists can choose to continue riding using the designated bike bypass routes. The launch of the expanded Telluride Bike Park, with access via Lift 4, brought many more cyclists to the Village Center, so it is important to all involved that we continue to invest in keeping our plazas and streets useable and safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. 


The Town of Mountain Village is developing a text message and email notification system to better notify the community in the case of internet outages, power outages and more. This system allows you to choose which groups you want to receive notifications about, including utilities, transit, housing, child care and, of course, public safety. To sign up for this system, please visit our website and follow the specific direction in the sign up link.

On a lighter note, Mountain Village is excited about the launch of a new public art installation by the artist Tavares Strachan, in conjunction with Ah-Haa School for the Arts. This temporary art installation will be visible from the gondola and will read “We are in this together.” The art installation will be visible May 2020 through November 2021. The project will only be visibly lit during gondola operating hours.

If you have questions or comments about any of these or other topics, please email me at lailabenitez@mtnvillage.org.