As many of your readers have seen in the news last weekend, Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 storm, decimated the northern Bahamas. Flyover footage shows almost no viable structures remaining. Some settlements have reported just 10 percent of their buildings intact. It’s a disaster the likes of which the Bahamas has never seen. People are still stranded, and there are lists of missing people. I am hopeful that when communication improves, those missing will be found.

Emergency resources have come from U.S., British and local governments to evacuate and assist people. Thousands of local Bahamians have lost their homes and all necessary infrastructure, and their only option is to rebuild. For now, all we can do is support rescue efforts and contribute toward helping the destitute regain stable lives.

To that end, I am writing to urge readers who have holidayed in the Abacos Islands and know what a spectacularly beautiful place it is — thanks to a hardworking, thriving local community — or those who are simply moved by scenes of the disaster, to donate funds and resources. Specific details on how to help can be found on the website

Rhonda Claridge