My name is Harry Reich, and I am a junior at Telluride High School. This year I have been lucky enough to be put in the mentorship program, where I can explore interests of mine that are not included in our curriculum otherwise. This semester I have been mentoring with Mason Osgood from Sheep Mountain Alliance, an environmental rights activist group, to learn about local issues and projects. So far in my mentorship I have learned many new details about how our forests are managed and local environmental issues. My mentorship is also teaching me many new skills that I can use in school. My writing has definitely become stronger from this mentorship, as I have had to read and write a lot, whether it be petitions, reflections, one-pagers or research paragraphs. So far I am very pleased with how my mentorship is going, and I would 100 percent recommend a mentorship with Sheep Mountain Alliance to students with an interest in environmental topics in order to get a very interesting new view of our backyard. Also, please come see our mentorship expo Dec. 10-11. 

Harry Reich