I want to give a huge thank you to an amazing rescue by the ski patrol on March 19.

I hiked up from Revelation Bowl to Gold Hill No. 9 with my husband and friends from Telluride, Allison and Matty Templin and Ginna Neyen. I took a fall right after getting through the chute, and my ski didn't release. I felt the pop, and when I tried to stand, I could not bear weight. Matty called ski patrol. I don't know how high I was, but I had not made it very far. Jordan from ski patrol arrived within 15 minutes. He assessed the damage, recognized immediately that I had a serious injury and called for backup. Within 30 minutes, I had four guys from ski patrol assisting me, getting me on a sled and getting me down the mountain. Within an hour-and-a-half, I was at the clinic. I cannot imagine that I was an easy rescue. The snow was heavy and deep. They took turns belaying me down, communicated with each other and me throughout, until they got me safely to a snowmobile. They checked on me constantly and reassured me throughout. I never felt judged or a burden. Jordan stayed with me the entire time until I arrived at the clinic, where I was greeted by Margaret and Dr. Paul Koelliker. I was assessed immediately from physical exam to X-ray to CT. They communicated my injuries, answered all questions, fitted me with a brace and crutches. I likely have an ACL/MCL tear, luckily no tibial plateau fracture. I am back in Charlotte, North Carolina, awaiting an MRI and to see my orthopedic surgeon.

I was so impressed with the attention and care given to me by the ski patrol and ER. As a physician in Charlotte, I know that it is not always easy to be patient and kind. The people that took care of me that Friday were that and so much more.

Ashley McDonell, MD

Charlotte, North Carolina