Pet col

Tuna, a cat at Second Chance Humane Society, is still ready to be adopted. (Courtesy photo)

Tuna here. Remember me? Yep, still homeless. I know right, how is that possible?! In my two short years of life, I have survived being a homeless little kitten, then adopted, then I had an injury that no one knew about and walked around in pain, then my person passed away and I was homeless again. After returning to Second Chance, like over a year ago, I had major hip surgery, pushed through that, made a full recovery, but am still homeless? When am I going to get a break?

Time to take matters in my own paws I have decided. Starting with nudging aside the sickeningly adorable kitten that was asked to write the Pet Column this week. Yeah, an uber-cute kitten with those big eyes and little alien “me-yoo” that everyone goes ga-ga over. Kittens do not need help getting adopted, plus their spelling is atrocious.

So, yes, I may be a bit of an ordinary looking cat, nothing overly remarkable, but that is only to disguise my extraordinariness residing within this softish multi-patterned coat of mine. What makes me extraordinary? My resilience, strength and desire to love despite the many challenges I have faced. That I have not given up on people is a true reflection of my strong character.

Full disclosure, I have been feeling rather rejected lately, I mean an 18-year-old cat just got adopted over me, that I have been trying out the Tinder dating app. So far it hasn’t worked out so well, when I do finally find someone promising my paw swipes the wrong way and my perfect match disappears forever.

But I am not giving up. I even dug up my most captivating photo (see photo of adorable me) for my profile. Like most Tinder photos, it may be outdated by a few years, but once my new person meets my magnificent self it won’t matter that I have aged slightly.

Here is my introductory statement: “Candlelit dinners (non-vegan), mellow music, cuddling on the couch, gazing softly into my big green eyes followed by a luxurious nap, or two. I am ready to be carried away forever.” I decided it would be best to leave out the part that I don’t clean my own litter box and that I am a bad cook. I hear that being fully forthcoming on these apps is discouraged.

Truth is I don’t want anyone to adopt me because they pity me, but I do hope that my rough start to life makes others realize that it truly is my time for happiness. I can’t do much more than I have already on changing the direction of my life. I made it here and am just waiting for my forever person or people to find me.

P.S. I am not sure why I am named after a fish and, if it makes a difference, I am good with my new person changing my name to something a bit more respectable, like Luna. As I ponder it not much else rhymes with Tuna so, maybe go all out and switch to a more masculine moniker like Tuffy or Tenacious C (C for cat of course). Heck, you can even call me Trout Boy for all I care; just call me yours and I am in.

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