Recently, the Town of Mountain Village approved its new Trails Master Plan. This plan touts the many new trails that the town plans to create or enhance running along roadsides and providing better pedestrian and bicycle access to the Mountain Village core areas and neighboring region. The recent Daily Planet article also highlights the town’s desire to partner with developers and neighbors to achieve a better trail system for our community.

This article gives a false impression of reality. At least in one case, the Meadows Trail is going to be closed in the very near future due to it trespassing on private property.

This connecting artery has been discussed and negotiated for the past three years with town staff, but they are unwilling to put the trail in the appropriate easements to allow the development of the residential lots it crosses. In order to do this the trail users will have to move onto the asphalt for less than 200 feet.

As a result of the negotiation impasse, the developers see no other option than to close the trail. It’s unfortunate that neither the Mountain Village Town Council or the town staff will fully investigate the facts of this matter and address the issues with fairness until the trail is closed and they hear about it from you, the users, but I suspect that is how this will turn out.

We love hiking and biking the trails in our region, but trespassing on private property is not OK. We would much rather ride on less than 200 foot of asphalt than have the trail be closed. Almost every trail in the Trails Master

Plan includes riding on asphalt. The idea that town staff and council condone this trespass action is disheartening. We regret that we are compelled to take this step. We have no alternative. Please understand our position.

When we close the trail there will be no through passage on the trail without trespassing on private property. Please be respectful and find alternate routes.

Frank and Ruth Hensen

Mountain Village