You may not yet be familiar with James Iacino. I just met him a few months ago and have heard him speak at several informal events. He is the most impressive and qualified candidate I have seen in 20 years on the Western Slope. Please listen to what James stands for, and vote for him in the June primary and the November election. He can win!

If you like what Jared Polis, Michael Bennet, Joe Biden and John Hickenlooper stand for, James Iacino is your candidate.

James is a third generation Coloradan, an alumnus of Colorado State University, and husband to Meghan and father to Edwin and August.  He is also the owner of Seattle Fish Company, a Colorado business founded in 1918.

James started at Seattle Fish Company by loading and then driving trucks before working his way up through the sales office and finally to the position of CEO.  James has significantly grown the company and now oversees the largest seafood distribution operation in the region with more than 200 employees and facilities in Montrose and Denver. Importantly for the consumer, he practices traceability, knowing exactly where our food comes from, and responsible sourcing.

Many of us were extremely impressed upon hearing him speak at different gatherings in Telluride. His knowledge of Colorado and policies that work and those that do not, and as importantly, his outgoing, energetic and calm demeanor, even when under pressure, caught our attention.

Diane Bush was soundly defeated by Scott Tipton in 2018. She is a well-meaning, but only an average challenger. James Iacino is a winner! 

Join a number of us by checking him out and making contact. District 3 will be in very good hands with such an impressive congressman.

Dan Garner