I've been a doctor in rural Colorado for 30 years, and I have seen health access issues loom large –– particularly in our own Congressional District 3. Many rural hospitals do not have adequate funding, many are being forced to close, and citizens of southern and western Colorado are often forced to drive several hours to reach a health care facility. It is with concern that I hope voters chose Diane Mitsch Bush to represent our district in the House of Representatives as a proven advocate of broadband and rural health during her time as county commissioner and as a state representative. This crisis needs an advocate on the federal level, and Mitsch Bush has committed to just that –– expanding access to telehealth by funding telehealth programs and investing in broadband infrastructure so that more rural Coloradans have internet access and can utilize telehealth services. I entrust my vote in Diane Mitsch Bush to bring health access and equity to our rural Colorado communities and to stand up for the issues that concern Congressional District 3. Please join me and the rural health community in voting for a candidate who is well-versed, well-spoken, and willing to compromise and negotiate for our Colorado communities.

Kent Gaylord, M.D.