Tucker Lane, who grew up in Redvale, says an author can only really write about what he or she knows. For him, that is small town life, the sport of wrestling and also relationships. Now, the Nucla High School graduate (he was valedictorian in 2007) has written a novel that he said might surprise those who know him.

Lane grew up wrestling. He later wrestled for the University of Nebraska where he completed his undergraduate studies. Then he helped coach wrestling at The Citadel, where he earned an MBA degree. He’s since left coaching, but says the experience was largely responsible for his inspiration in writing a book: “Love in the Time of Likes.”

For him, the story idea came like a lightning strike. He said he knew he had a story to write and quickly began to get to work. From start to finish, he spent 13 months on the book, which was released Nov. 1.

According to him, the book is rated “R” and contains adult language and themes. He said the adult content serves a purpose though.

“I didn’t feel like writing a really sanitized version of the novel,” he said. “It wouldn’t do it justice. … I needed to do it to be true to the story I was trying to tell.”

Lane went through the process of self-publishing. He had spoken to publishers about his book, but was not comfortable editing large portions of his work, nor did he want another entity to have control over it.

He said the idea of having a major publisher market a book is great for spreading the word; but, an author typically makes pennies on the dollar for something they’ve written.

At the same time, Lane didn’t write a book to get rich. In fact, being a writer is part of who he is. Since the second and third grades when he had Mrs. Nygren and Mr. Nelson in West End Public Schools, he’s loved being a storyteller.

He’s also been writing blogs on social media for years that have inspired people who’ve asked, “Have you ever thought of writing a book?”

He’s also an avid reader, and throughout a life spent at wrestling tournaments, on buses and out in the wide open spaces of Redvale, books are something he’s learned to cherish.

Now, Lane is selling his own book through a website he established. All are invited to purchase it on Amazon or visit tuckerlane.org to learn more.

In the last two weeks, he’s sold more than 100 copies. He said he’s gotten feedback from folks back home congratulating him. They’ve reported they were surprised by what he’s written. Many expected him to produce a self-help manual or coaching book. Instead, he’s written a love story.

Will Lane keep writing? Or make a career as a novelist?

For now, he’s still teaching Spanish and some other subjects. But, he said if inspiration strikes him as it did before, he’ll have no choice but to begin another book.

“Writing a novel is something I always wanted to do,” he said. “I’d tried it before, but it’s not easy. You don’t get paid while you’re doing it — it’s work. … But I value artistry. … For me, I wanted to create something I could say was the result of my experience, education and perspective, that was a piece of art that will be around for years to come.”