The Norwood Food Bank, located in Christ in F.O.C.U.S. Church at 1470 S. Spruce St., will be having a drive-through distribution on March 26 from 3-7 p.m., according to a news release.

Michele Blunt, food bank coordinator, said the food bank is open to anyone who needs it.

“This is not intended to provide all your food for the month, but rather to supplement and fill the gaps,” she said. “If you are not currently in need of food, please be considerate of others who truly need the food.”

The Norwood Food Bank has pre-packaged boxes for folks that will be distributed, rather than them choosing items from the shelves. Boxes will include canned goods, pasta, stable food items, snack items, cereal and meat, among other items.

There may be items people do not want, and they are asked to pay it forward and give them to someone else who could use the items. Recipients are asked to not bring anything back to the food bank, because all items leaving the premises have been packed with universal precautions and sanitized.

The amounts people receive now could be different from regular distributions, as food bank officials are trying to give to as many people as possible, and are not yet sure what the needs or impacts will be with the current pandemic.

The distribution begins at 3 p.m., but the public is asked to not show up before then, as it will cause a traffic jam.

“Please be patient with us as we process you through the line,” Blunt said. “We will have personnel along the designated route from Grand Avenue to South Spruce Street to the church. There will be personnel directing traffic. The process will be a series of (tables) that you will drive through and boxes and bags be put in your vehicles.”

Blunt said it’s important for people to not get out of their vehicles for social distancing reasons. They should also avoid blocking driveways and intersections.

Those who are quarantined due to sickness or are not able to come may have someone pick up their food. Those who regularly pick up do not need a note. Anyone new who’s picking up will need a note with their name, the name of the recipient, their mailing address and phone number.

“This does not mean that you can pick up for all kinds of people,” Blunt said. “Many people are not working, so we prefer for those who can pick up to come get their own food. This helps keep everyone safe and ensure that everyone gets a fair amount of food. If you are walking and need help getting your food back to your home, we will have limited transportation to take you and your food home.”

Homebound senior citizens and those who have compromised immune systems can also call Blunt at 970-708-8664 to arrange a delivery.

Drive-through distributions will continue depending on need. The minimum will be two per month; however, that could increase to four times a month.

The Senior Commodities Box is still only one box a month. She said the food bank has plenty of food and will continue to get more food, if the need increases. 

Now the food bank needs boxes and bags to pack food in. The public can drop off these items at the side door of the church on the parking lot side, and weigh them down with rocks or tie the bags to the column.

Food bank updates are available at and also posted in the surrounding communities.

For more information, contact Blunt by phone.