The Lone Cone Library’s new facility is set to open on May 6, after the last year of construction. This past Saturday, the library board took a few select community leaders for a preview of the new site. Director Carrie Andrew said the tour was invitation only. 

Last Monday, on April 1, the board got word that the new space received its temporary certification of occupancy, and that Andrew said inspired the board to host a special viewing. 

“We sent an email blast to a bunch of people, but we didn’t open it up to just everyone, because it’s not quite ready,” she told The Norwood Post on Monday. 

Now, the move to the new library is underway. Already, the old library space on Lucerne Street is being deconstructed. This week begins the packing of the books, so that the shelves can be emptied and transferred to the new building. Andrew said the board and volunteers will begin moving furniture the week of April 15. Andrew is also picking up some other furniture from Telluride that the Wilkinson Public Library is donating to the Lone Cone Library. 

She said the old library space will be open for the public until the end of April. Still, after this Friday there won’t be much left in it. She said the board has agreed to keep the space available so that card holders can come and check out DVDs and also use the free internet service. She said most everything else will be in the transfer process. 

“The existing library looks a bit different right now,” she said. “We have started moving some stuff out, so pardon the mess, and if people want to get books, you must check them out before Friday.”

Anyone in the middle of a book series, she said, should definitely get their hands on books before the week is up. But, the public can still return books to the same book-drop at the old location through April. 

According to her, the new library’s opening is running on schedule, and on budget. 

“Which is a big deal,” she added. 

The grand opening celebration is planned for June 8, but Andrew said the times for that are still being determined. 

The board, she said — which is made up of Lucinda Carr, Monet Ragsdale, Terri Lamers, Creighton Wood and Raegan Elise — is quite pleased with the progress. She said as a whole, the group is “feeling a little bit of fresh air.”

“We’ve gotten through the big hurdles, and we’re at the finish line,” she said, “making sure everything lines up. We’re moving into the exciting part of seeing space, the furniture, and with the public — 

Monet and I, in particular, we have put so much time into it, years of understanding it, planning it … “

Andrew said Saturday’s tour felt special, to lead people through the structure for the initial viewing. She said it was rewarding to see the almost-finished product. 

The next library board meeting is scheduled for mid-April. Andrew said the board is planning for April 15, and would like to use the new library building. Still, she said depending on the construction finish, the board could not be sure of the exact time or place but will make an announcement.