Norwood staff and trustees discussed the town’s decision to hire a grant writer. Town clerk Amanda Pierce told those in attendance at last week’s monthly board meeting that the job has been posted. Pierce said the position is out on websites and in the newspaper, too. 

New public works director, Randy Harris, told trustees that the town has been pretty quiet lately. He said his crew is preparing for winter. Already, the splash pad at Norwood Town Park has been “put to bed.” And the crew is winterizing the rest of town now. 

He said public works has also done work on culverts on local streets. 

Harris said his new position with the town has involved learning, but it’s “going as good as it can.” 

Kattie Neesham, the town’s marshal, said she will advertise for a deputy this December and plans to hire for that position after the first of the year. 

Trustee Candy Meehan shared in board member comment that the community has been offering up positive feedback regarding Neesham’s work in Norwood. 

Patti Grafmyer, town administrator, shared in her report that John Mansfield is still working on the short-term rental issue. She said Mansfield has spoken with Henry Hemphill, the town planner, and that “good conversations” that also include Meehan have been underway. Mansfield will now undergo a surgery, but remains committed to supporting Norwood in looking into a possible cap to limit the number of VRBO or AirBnB rentals in the town’s limits. 

Gramfyer has been working on the town’s budget, something she does every fall season in preparation for the new year. She has a draft in order, and gave trustees a brief summary of what the new budget contained. She said a 2.5 percent cost-of-living raise was initiated for town staff. 

Now, the board will have a work session for finalizing the budget, as they do every year in November before its approval in December. 

Grafmyer said she advised the board to consider purchasing a 2011 one-ton Chevrolet truck from Telluride Fire Department. Telluride Fire is offering the truck to the Town of Norwood, which could be split with Norwood Water Commission.

Grafmyer said the truck is in “excellent shape” and has only 100,000 miles. The department has offered to sell to Norwood for $14,500. 

“It’s a smoking deal,” Grafmyer said. “One for sale a year newer is $29,500 … Telluride Fire was offered a $25,000 trade-in.” 

Grafmyer said the water commission is on board to make the purchase. Trustees agreed. 

Additionally, the town will budget for website upgrades. Other monies are set aside for the marshal’s department for training and uniforms. 

Trustee Shawn Fallon gave a report and said Noel Night is Dec. 3. He added the Norwood Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a monthly music series, which will be free to the public. 

And, Norwood’s ice rink goes up Nov. 19. Volunteers are needed to help with the skid loader and more. Pierce told Fallon it’s possible for students at the high school to receive service hours for helping out. She suggested he contact guidance counselor Rick Williams, so that he can communicate with students on the volunteer hours at the rink.