Kimberleigh Campbell, of Norwood, is currently running a business: Pioneer Farm & Flowers, through which she’s been growing, arranging and delivering flowers for the local area. In August, she and her husband, Brad Campbell, purchased the West End Wash on Summit Street from the Souther family. Now, the Campbells are opening another small business in Norwood. The new dog wash — yes, a pet washing center —is set to open this winter. 

What is a dog wash exactly? 

It’s a self-service unit, next to the car wash for people to groom their muddy canines. While anyone, for a fee, can show up and enter the space to shampoo, condition, grab flea and tick rinse and use the blow-dryers, Campbell said he’s figuring on a certain type of clientele. 

He and his wife have a dog, and already they’ve grown weary of dirtying the bathtub every time they bathe their family pet. He said the dog wash can make life easier for anyone with dogs, but he thinks the recreationists will especially appreciate it. 

People in Norwood, or those passing through, have often been adventuring at Miramonte and other places in the West End for mountain biking, hiking, camping and more. 

Campbell said having the dog wash in Norwood is a way to solve a problem, and now folks can get their dogs cleaned up after the outdoor experience and before they get home. 

“It can make life a little easier for us and others,” he told The Norwood Post on Sunday night. 

He’s also done research on this type of business and previously considered establishing a mobile unit, but decided the permanent addition was better. 

The response the Campbell family has received has been very supportive — “overwhelming,” he said. Local dog owners have already begun reaching out after Kimberleigh Campbell recently added a post to their car wash’s Facebook page that announced the addition of the grooming center. 

The Campbell family is originally from the local area. They’re happy to be back in town, raising their son, and running local town businesses. 

Brad Campbell said they take pride in what they own and operate. 

“Whether it’s Kim’s flower business or the dog wash, it’s about serving others,” he said. “By doing that, you bring success to your business.”

The family is hoping that the community can use the dog wash by Feb. 1, though they understand that weather delays are possible in a Norwood winter. The dog wash building unit comes from North Carolina and weighs 1,200 pounds. It will have heaters. 

The new business will accept cash or credit cards. Additionally, there are various features. Users can pause time while they brush their dogs. They can also add time for a discounted fee, too. 

Brad Campbell said he invites the community to see the business page on Facebook for more information. If the demand for the dog wash becomes high enough, the family could potentially establish a second unit.