At the Town of Norwood’s monthly meeting, held on Dec. 12, town officials discussed their budget, which was approved last week. The meeting included a phone presentation audit with Brian Blair, an auditor who was contracted to look at the town’s financial statements.

“Everything looked good with the audit this year,” Blair told those in attendance. “That’s the main thing to report.”

Blair said the town spent less than it anticipated, and it came in below budget. The debt that the town currently has is related to the water commission and the new raw water system that is being established at this time.

The town’s full budget is available online at

Regarding the raw water station that was constructed this year, officials voted to temporarily turn the electricity off at that location. There is no need for power at the station at this time, and Town Administrator Patti Grafmyer said nothing exists that would need to be turned on until spring.

Officials from Norwood Water Commission also recommended turning the electricity off, as no heat source is required there.

Also at the meeting, trustees discussed an agreement they are establishing with the San Miguel County Sherriff’s Office. The agreement pertains to sheriff’s deputies backing up Norwood’s town law enforcement, and Marshal Mike Wilkerson assisting the county when needed.

Grafmyer said that Herb McHarg, the town’s attorney, had a few comments on the official agreement. The official document will be voted on and signed by Mayor Kieffer Parrino at a later meeting.

Now, town trustees are looking at the possibility of installing security cameras around Town Hall and Town Park. Simon Andrew, who owns San Juan Sound and Vision, did an assessment of the building’s upstairs and the outside premises.

Andrew will create a proposal of the work to be done. Grafmyer said it was important to look at a proposal that involved phasing, as the town’s budget is very tight at this time.

“We asked him to think about a system we could add to,” she said. “We will let town know about the proposal. We’ll see what he comes back with and what we can afford.”

Additionally, town trustees discussed the new pickle ball courts. Some town citizens had tried to access the courts earlier in December and discovered they were locked.

Town officials said they must lock the court when the snowy season begins. That’s because a regular snow shovel can’t be used on the court, as it could ruin the finish. Instead, the court must be swept of snow. The nets there have also been temporarily taken down.

Should anyone need the combination for the lock at the courts in the future, they can obtain that by contacting John Mansfield in Norwood.

In the mayor’s report, Parrino said the board needed to meet to discuss the logistics of town employees’ salaries and their paid time off.

Trustee Kerry Welch said the personnel board must discuss the information first, and then involve the town board as a whole.

Parrino said the goal is not to have the discussion postponed; he said it was important to discuss the information as quickly as possible for employees.

Finally, town officials discussed a 1 percent sales tax hike that would benefit law enforcement. They said the process was one they don’t want to rush. They said a sales tax increase would involve communication, campaigning and supporters going door-to-door in preparation for a vote.