Irises? Sunflowers? Zinnias? Delivered to your home? Norwood will soon see a cut flower business in town. Kimberleigh Campbell and her family have moved back to the local area, and the gardening mother of a toddler is ready to get busy doing what she loves best: cut flowers.

Campbell grew up in Nucla, but graduated from Palisade in 2014. Her husband was employed with Tri-State in Craig, where they’ve been living until recently.

She’s always loved gardening and has wanted to start her own business. Her dream was to have a nursery or a retail flower shop. A while back, she began following a cut-flower entrepreneur, based in Michigan, on Instagram. Inspired by her, Campbell then took a business class from the woman to learn the ins and outs of a cut-flower operation.

Campbell said with the knowledge she’s gained it only makes sense for her to try a gardening business of her own, and she begins this summer in Norwood with the raised beds on her property just outside of town. Her business is Pioneer Farm & Flowers, and she said she has plenty of room to get started.

Though this will be her first year, she wants to grow something sustainable. She hopes to expand to events like baby showers, small weddings and more. 

“I want to be the person people call when their mom has a birthday or someone has a baby,” she told The Norwood Post. “I also want to do a subscription for bouquets.”

Eventually, she hopes to have a storefront, but said that may be a few years down the road. For now, she’s trialing what she can grow — and how much of it.

She hopes people will take interest in what she’s growing this summer. She’s most excited about dahlias and has 50 tubers en route. Celosia is another flower she loves. She’s also enthusiastic about zinnias. She plans to plant a small field of sunflowers, too.

She won’t be doing roses this year, but hopes to have the space in the future. Tulips will also be a flower of the future for her business.

Figuring out the lay of the land in Pioneer Village will be her work for now, though she will have things available this summer. Now, she’s carefully watching for the last frost of the season in Norwood.

“I am kind of saying everything is blooming in the summer of 2021,” she said.

Campbell hopes to connect with local businesses and set up deliveries. She said perhaps even the grocery stores could carry her products.

“I hope by next year to offer bedding, annual plants, and hanging baskets and things like that,” she said.  

She said she knows that Naturita has the My Place business, but it doesn’t necessarily have fresh-cut flower arrangements available like she wants to do. Additionally, she’s spoken with Nina Kothe who has a gardening store in Norwood.

She said she wanted to connect with Kothe and didn’t want to step on her toes. Campbell said she feels both flower and garden stores can coexist in Norwood, especially since Kothe isn’t sure how long she wants to keep hers going in the future.

Norwood residents are welcomed to “like” Pioneer Farm & Flowers on Facebook or Instagram to connect with Campbell.