The Norwood Park and Recreation District (NPRD) will host an Ice Bowl next month, a fundraiser for disc golf enthusiasts that play the sport while supporting a cause. Shawn Fallon, a town trustee who is also on the NPRD board, said the Ice Bowl event is not a new idea. Since 1987 other Ice Bowls have taken place, and in 1996 they began to align with charitable causes.

Fallon said Norwood’s version is dedicated to mitigating food insecurity.

“Since 1996, we’ve had over 4,500 Ice Bowls across the U.S. and have raised more than $4.8 million. Our Ice Bowl in Norwood is going to raise money for the Christ in F.O.C.U.S. food bank,” he said.

The local Ice Bowl happens Feb. 27-28, but it’s not a two-day event. Rather, it’s a one-day opportunity that is spread out to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. Fallon said there will only be so many people on site each day.

According to him, the winter season is still a great time to play. He said the terrain will be easy to navigate in the February conditions.

He added the Norwood course “flows really well” and a few additional holes have been added for the Ice Bowl. Three temporary disc golf holes will be added to the existing nine holes to make a 12-hole course. In this way, participants can play two rounds of 12 holes on their day of play.

People have already expressed interest. Enthusiasts from Fruita and Grand Junction are interested in coming for Norwood’s Ice Bowl, as well. Fallon said people might be surprised at the amount of play the course sees.

Tickets to enter are $25 (the donation to the local food bank), but there are also “mulligans” available. Mulligans are a way to cancel a bad shot by taking an extra one. Norwood’s Ice Bowl will sell mulligans in exchange for canned goods. A maximum of six mulligans, and three per round, are permitted.

“It’s another way to bring in extra food,” he said.

To register for Norwood’s Ice Bowl or to learn more, the public may visit the following website:

Fallon has been playing the sport for 26 years. He helped establish Norwood’s course, which is located at the corner of the Lone Cone Library and the Cottonwood Creek Estates neighborhood. 

He’s working with the BLM and U.S. Forest Service on two other local courses, too.

He’s also helping to establish a winter league that starts next week at the Livery. The league is for “putting practice” in disc golf. Every Tuesday at 7 p.m., beginning Feb. 2, four baskets will be set up inside the Livery. Those stations have different point values.

“You’ll keep the best score for a night, and we’ll run a tally for the league of who is shooting the best,” he said. “It’s good for indoor practice.”

Disc golfers will be distanced 12-30 feet from the baskets. Some obstacles will also exist for levels of difficulty.

Fallon said it’s going to be fun. Back in Milwaukee, where he lived previously, he said he was a part of a similar weekly event made even more enjoyable because of a jukebox, food and beer.

While he’s not sure how Norwood’s winter putting league will evolve, he said he can accommodate up to 12 people for the time being, in accordance with public health restrictions.