Norwood may have another solution on the table regarding the housing crisis that is troubling local communities. Hank Williams is selling one piece of land for real estate development. Last week, the Norwood Water Commission agreed to provide service for at least 44 taps in what will be Phase 1 of the proposed project. 

Williams’ property is 37 acres and adjacent to town limits at the end of Spruce Street. He said it’s a prime location for a subdivision. 

“The blue water tank south of town is above us, there is new infrastructure for water, the sewer runs downhill to the north side of town,” he told The Norwood Post last week. 

Now that the Norwood Water Commission has provided a letter that agrees to terms of sale and service for the 44 water taps, Williams will next apply for annexation with the Town of Norwood.

He’s already paid for a topographic survey from Mesa Engineering in Montrose. Mesa has also worked on a sketch plan for single-family residences and multi-family homes, which could be built on site. 

The development must follow Norwood’s newly adopted sketch plan process, through which town planner Henry Hemphill and the Planning & Zoning Board give feedback that town officials approve. 

Williams doesn’t want to be a real estate developer, however. He will not be selling lots or building model homes. He’s already agreed to a full price offer on the 37 acres. He also has back up offers waiting in the wings. 

The buyer will handle the development process. 

Williams did say, though, that the 37 acres will likely include three phases. It could ultimately provide somewhere between 120 and 150 homes. It will not be deed-restricted or price-capped. 

In an area that has nearly no inventory for sales or rentals, Williams deal could mean relief for Norwood, and maybe even for Telluride. 

“It’s an opportunity for people,” he said. “The goal is to have curb, gutter and sidewalks per town specs.” 

Williams, an entrepreneur and rancher who has previously served on the Farmers Water Development board, said water is not an issue. He said former public work’s director Tim Lippert confirmed the town is operating at half-capacity at this time. He added there is water in the reservoir. 

He said Norwood Water Commission has an agreement with Farmers Water. That deal provides 300 acre feet for domestic use. He said the town has never used more than 260 acre feet in the past. 

Williams hopes to close on his property before the holiday season. He’ll hand off the permits and letter of water service to the new owner who will see the development through. 

Craig Greager, a Norwood Realtor, said there are only three houses on the market in Norwood currently. As of press time Tuesday, that included a doublewide trailer home for $479,000 and another for $329,000 — both on a few acres. There was also one house left in town for $289,000. 

“Absolutely, (the 37-acre housing development) just has to be done,” Greager said on Saturday. “Without a doubt.”

He said Norwood needed to have homes for sale, as well as rentals. 

“People are begging for rentals, too,” he said.