At last week’s monthly Town Board of Trustees meeting in Norwood, town clerk Amanda Pierce reminded the trustees that the town was in the process of hiring a beautification liaison. Trustees had two proposals in front of them to review for that position. 

Pierce said the opportunity had been posted for bid, and the responsibility begins in 2022. The window for accepting bids is open until Nov. 30. 

Before last Wednesday, only one bid was on the table for town review, and trustees were ready to vote and approve that bid. However, by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, before the board meeting, another proposal came in, making the total of bids two. 

Trustee Jaime Schultz said she wanted to table the decision until the end of the month, and trustee Candy Meehan agreed. Trustee Kerry Welch said the town should continue to accept bids until the end of the month. Trustee Shawn Fallon concurred and said he didn’t know about the second bid until the town meeting had begun. 

Mayor Kieffer Parrino told trustees that the beautification liaison would be responsible for maintaining the Pocket Park, including the landscaping there. 

“(It’s) town property, and it’s one of our highlights. … It’s just a real nice area the town owns, and we want to keep it going,” Parrino said. 

Pierce added the hanging baskets on Main Street were part of the beautification deal, too. The Public Works Department has been responsible for watering them in the past, but not on weekends. 

Trustees voted to delay the decision until the December board meeting. 

Related to Public Works, Randy Harris said he’s been working on the streets and alleys, specifically for potholes. He said his crew is getting roads ready for the winter season. He said that work will continue until it’s time to plow snow. 

“So far, so good,” he told trustees in the meeting regarding his monthly report. 

Meehan asked Harris to get his hands on some historical papers regarding the Gurley Reservoir, the town’s source of municipal water. She said she wanted to know about increases and decreases during drought seasons. She said she’d appreciate him discussing the paperwork with Farmers Water Development to see if they’d release it. 

Meehan said the information would give the Norwood community an idea of what is in store, considering the history and the current drought situation.