For some people, food has always been an issue in Norwood. Rather, where to go for lunch or dinner out has been a problem for locals. In a remote and rural town, restaurants are not usually found in abundance. Now, though, some change is happening in the Norwood restaurant scene, giving locals more options. That means they don’t have to drive to Naturita, Ridgway or beyond for something new. 

According to a public notice in front of the Lone Cone Bar and Grill, the establishment is under contract. Since former owner Chef Heinz Guggisberg passed away in 2016, the place has been vacant, and many locals have missed not only their dinnertime favorites, like the prime rib, but also their favorite watering hole. 

Realtor Arleen Boyd said that space will now turn back into a bar and grill by early summer, though she cannot release the details at this time. 

“He has to get a liquor license, which takes a couple of months,” she said, “But Norwood is on the upswing.”

The Divide Restaurant has also reopened. Scott Romaine, who cooked in the Lone Cone for years before starting his own eatery, is serving up old favorites (like the prime rib) and new dinner items, too. 

On April 17, the Divide, which recently moved from the Back Narrow’s Inn, opened its doors, after working on a remodel in its new space down the street. Scheduled to originally reopen in early February, many locals were thrilled to see the Divide finally ready to feed people. Others were eager to see the many improvements the Romaine family made to the interior of the space. 

Norwood residents reported their enthusiasm on Facebook last weekend, sharing the news of the taco salad, shrimp baskets and other dinner items available in the new building that previously housed The Happy Belly Deli. 

Some in town are still wondering if the Happy Belly Deli will resurface in some capacity. Some Norwood diners had hoped owner Gen Roach would bring back her short-order breakfasts and lunches, or at least her coffee drinks, for the regulars who frequented the deli for more than a decade. 

Roach told The Norwood Post on Monday she could not confirm or deny she would be back in the food business anytime soon. She said for now, she is “taking a break” and “will decide at a later time.”

At the same time, Maggie’s Pizza, Thorneycroft Kitchen and Bakery and also Kristi’s Kitchen continue to serve Norwood weekly. The three Main Street restaurants supplied Norwood the sustenance it has needed to get through the spring season.

Still, the old Maverick restaurant on Grand Avenue remains empty. Though people have romanticized the thought of the former burger and breakfast joint making a comeback, that may not happen. 

For a brief period, the place existed a Mexican restaurant.  

For the last seven years, however, nobody has been interested in revamping the space.