Some in the West End area are expressing disappointment that their political candidate signs are being stolen from their yards. Both Trump and Biden supporters are angry that their yard signs have been taken. According to some, the theft is criminal and should be prosecuted.

Judy Muller of Norwood, a Democrat, had her sign stolen just 15 minutes after placing it in her yard. She made an announcement on social media that her political candidate signs were her right to free speech. She said she’d never tamper with anyone else’s political candidate signs because she felt others had a right to also express their voting preferences and beliefs, whether they differed from hers or not.

She also said she would order new signs as replacements. She added that her additional orders of signage increased her donations to the Democratic party, so that the theft she experienced wasn’t a total loss for her party, but actually a benefit.

“That means you have just donated to the Democratic candidate,” Muller said on social media. “Thank you. If you continue to trespass and steal, we will continue to donate on your behalf.”

After Muller’s post, folks from both sides of the fence, Republicans and Democrats in Norwood, expressed their sympathy. Many agreed that stealing signs was wrong and agreed that those on Wright’s Mesa should be encouraged to express their opinions.

Soon after, Dawna Morris of Nucla, a Republican, had a Trump sign taken from her yard. Like Muller, Morris also made an announcement on social media to let folks know she was displeased.

Many people said they were concerned about the sign theft because it also required someone to trespass onto private property in order to take them.

Several people suggested that Morris, or anyone else worried about their political yard signs being stolen, set up game cameras (wildlife watching devices) or even smartphone technology that can be viewed remotely in order to try and find out who might be taking the candidate yard signs.

Norwood’s town marshal Mike Wilkerson said to date he has received no police reports of the stolen political signs and therefore has no real comment on the issue.

He said he was unaware that the theft of political candidate signs was taking place.

Some in Norwood would like the thieves to be caught and prosecuted according to the law. Wilkerson told The Norwood Post that a trespassing charge leads to a court appearance. He verified that the stealing of political candidate signs is a $750 fine.

To unite people and heal division on a local level, John Mansfield has started a “civility campaign.” Mansfield, a Democrat, has held a longtime friendship with Ernie Calvillo, a Republican.

“He and I had a conversation, and we agreed the split that is going on, the divide in the town is regrettable,” Mansfield said. “It’s a wonderful town, great people, neighbors who help, we don’t want to lose that.”

Mansfield created a poster that states, “Norwood united, Above politics,

For our community.”

Norwood town administrator Patti Grafmyer appreciated it, ran it by the town trustees, and then printed some off. Mike Grafmyer, her husband and a Republican, was one of the first to hang the sign in his shop’s window — with a Trump sign. 

Mansfield said he’s not sure how much his civility campaign will help the division, but he hopes it does.

He also said nobody has bothered the political campaign signs that stand in his yard.