Many young ladies in Norwood and Nucla have taken to the woods this fall for their first big game hunts. The local girls — they must be at least age 12, according to state regulations — have gone out with their fathers and successfully gotten a deer during rifle season.

Dilyn Alexander, a freshman at Norwood High School, got her first one. She went out with her father, Brent Alexander, and brother, Joshua Alexander, in Unit 70, where she got a buck.

“It was pretty exciting, but I was nervous though,” she said.

Alexander had been out both early mornings and evenings since opening day on Oct. 24. She was using her father’s rifle, after she decided she liked it better than her brother’s.

She had seen a couple of nice bucks in her first few days out, but got hers — a 3-by-3 — on the evening of Oct. 26.

Amber Bockrath, an eighth-grader at Norwood Middle School, also went out with her father, fire chief John Bockrath. The family also hunted Unit 70, and it’s the first season for both father and daughter, who moved to Wright’s Mesa from Chicago a few years ago.

The Bockraths had permission to hunt on Winston Davis’ property outside of Norwood. Amber used her own rifle and had been target practicing with her dad this fall.

She got her 4-by-4 buck on Oct. 27.

“It was over 200 yards,” Winston Davis proudly told The Norwood Post. “It was one hard shot, a one-shot kill.”

Amber said she plans to also hunt elk next year.

Sixth-grader Lantry Galley, of Nucla, went out with her dad, Stan Galley, in Unit 70, though her mom, Misty Galley, also hunts and bagged a giant bull elk earlier this fall. This was Lantry’s second year out, as she hunted turkey last year.

She got 3-by-2 buck in her first big game hunt in the evening hours of Oct. 27.

She said she felt very excited, but questioned whether she actually shot the deer at first.

“(Dad and I) gutted it, loaded it and skinned it at the shop,” she said. “It’s going to be good eating. He was nice and fat.”

Brenna Morlang, an eighth-grader at Norwood Middle School, went out with father Mike Morlang, when the season started. By Oct. 25, just before sunset, she had her buck. Also in Unit 70, she used her older sister Sage Morlang’s rifle and said the experience was “amazing,” despite the cold temperatures, the wind and snow. 

She said her dad was proud of the 2-by-2 she shot, and he’s now processing the deer for her.

Brenna told the Post she also has an elk tag for November. Her mother, Tanya Morlang, admitted they’ll have a freezer full of meat this winter.

Holi Johnson, in sixth grade at Norwood Middle School, went out with her whole family. She carries the same rifle her mom does and was pleased to have gotten her buck the day the season opened in Unit 70. She said she was a little surprised, as beforehand she’d experienced “buck fever” and couldn’t pull the trigger at first. She said nerves had something to do with it.

She said the rack on her deer was “a little forky,” and a 2-by-2.

In keeping with her family’s hunting tradition, she chugged a Mountain Dew afterward to celebrate.