The Norwood Chamber of Commerce will see a change in leadership in 2021. After guiding the board as chamber president for some time, Carrie Andrew will leave her office. Andrew has said she will support the chamber in other ways as she focuses on her main role as the director of the Lone Cone Library.

“After serving on the chamber executive board for the last six years, I know that the chamber will always hold a special place in my heart,” she told The Norwood Post. “However, I feel like I am leaving the chamber in the hands of an exceptional board. I wish them the best in the coming years. It has been my honor to serve the Norwood community in this way.”

John Metzger will assume the role of president. Metzger, who grew up in Boulder, is a professional writer who moved to the Norwood area two years ago, most recently from Winter Park. His career has been focused on public relations.

He’s a journalist who established a public relations company of his own. Additionally, he’s a longtime volunteer firefighter who is now serving the Norwood Fire Department as both firefighter and public information specialist.

On Monday, Metzger confirmed he will step up to serve the Norwood Chamber of Commerce as president. Previously, he was a chamber board member.

At this point, he said he is reluctant to share any plans or visions he has for the organization, but said that information will be forthcoming. He said he felt that Norwood had potential for job growth and other promotional opportunities.

“The world has changed, and rural life and the economy are going through a historic shift,” he said. “Norwood’s at the tipping point of this societal recalibration, so, exciting times ahead. Looking forward to working with the Norwood and Wright’s Mesa Chamber of Commerce in 2021.”

Other chamber board officers currently include Gretchen Wells, who is vice president, and Terri Snyder Lamers, who is the treasurer. Nola Svoboda is the chamber’s secretary, and Bernice White is a board member.

Currently, the chamber is aiming to fill two other board member seats. Anyone who’d like to serve must be affiliated with a business or organization that is an active member of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce.

Those who qualify and would like to participate should let a current board member know they’re interested. That individual can either be voted in at the chamber’s upcoming annual meeting or made official by appointment.

Approximately 40 businesses and organizations make up the Norwood Chamber. 

Annual dues are set at $50, but Andrew said some conversation about eliminating dues altogether or changing the format in some way has come up in chamber discussions. She said any change to membership dues would have to be done by the general membership vote at the annual meeting.

“There are some who want to hold onto the dues format and others who feel that everyone should be included,” she said.