At last Wednesday’s town meeting, Norwood’s regular monthly meeting, Carrie Andrew spoke on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to ask town trustees about judging the annual Pioneer Day parade. This year, Pioneer Day happens on Sept. 28. Trustees agreed to judge the floats in the parade, which begins at 11 a.m.

Andrew also said the chamber is pleased with the recent news that the Norwood Public School district is ranked No. 5 in the state. She asked the town to join the chamber in considering ways to acknowledge the district.

“It matters to us, the chamber and the town,” she said. “When people look at whether to move to Norwood or not, they look at schools.”

Andrew also spoke on behalf of the Lone Cone Library. Andrew, who is the library director, had previously sent a letter to town trustees, informing them of damage done to San Miguel Street.

Library board members Monet Ragsdale and Creighton Wood joined Andrew, who asked the town to clarify their permit and review process.

According to her, the library board was told to asphalt their street during the recent construction process. That new asphalt was ruined six months later when the chip seal process was put over top of it.

Andrew said asphalt may not have been necessary in the first place, and that the town’s code was ambiguous. Also, she said the chip seal treatment is for repairing old roads and should not have been put on top of new construction.

“We did something more expensive … and it was altered in six months. Let’s not do that to someone else,” she told the board.

Andrew said Norwood taxpayers were charged twice for a street that is now in bad shape.

Also voicing a complaint was Jenny Russell who said the town is not enforcing the weed ordinance. Russell said across from her home is a house (the LaQuey home) with tall weeds and a dead tree. She said she’s told the town about the issue previously but nothing has been done in response.

She said weeds persist at Cottonwood Creek Estates also.

“I ask your staff to enforce the laws they adopt, or they are really kind of meaningless,” she told the board.

Town Clerk Gretchen Wells said she’s spoken with the company, Kurtex, who owns and manages Cottonwood Creek. Wells said representatives from Kurtex said they will get back to Norwood town officials on the removal of gravel and weeds, which will beautify yards.

(Cottonwood Creek signed up for raw water taps in the town’s new raw water system, and gravel removal will take place to make way for lawns in the subdivision.)

Trustee Candy Meehan said town officials are working on hiring a code enforcer, someone who could deal with issues like weed violations.

Toward the end of the town meeting, trustees said the code enforcer could potentially be someone who is retired and interested in part-time work. The position could possibly be split in between Norwood and the West End communities of Naturita and Nucla.