In the race for San Miguel County Commissioner District 3 seat, incumbent Kris Holstrom was elected again. Holstrom had approximately 93 percent of the votes, according to unofficial results Tuesday night, in defeating current Norwood Mayor Kieffer Parrino in the county’s only contested race.

A Democrat, Holstrom is finishing her four-year term with the county and had said she wanted to run again to see through projects she’d helped get off the ground, including affordable housing in Norwood, which is ramping up this fall, and especially the local agriculture and food economy.

On Tuesday evening, Holstrom said she felt happy to win another four years.

“It’s a relief to get through this part of the process, and we do have a lot in front of us as commissioners,” she said. “I actually have a really good relationship with Norwood folks and the mayor and the trustees.”

Holstrom said she feels like there is much to do on the county’s board. She said the pandemic has slowed some of the pace, but she feels inspired to “get a little more traction” on the county’s goals. Holstrom said she knows there’s going to be a lot happening in Norwood and the West End in the near future.

She said the conversation going forward needs to address how housing, drought, water and growth are connected. She said the issues cannot be talked about separately.

“We can’t just say we need housing and build it without discussing drought,” she said.

She admitted the issues at hand are quite complex, and she’s happy for the “good folks” in the county who can discuss them and work on them.

“We are different, but we are connected, and it’s exciting to be moving forward,” she said. “And it looks like (Ballot Initiative 1A, with approximately 70 percent approval) is going to pass, which is a huge relief.”

In June, Parrino announced he was also going to run for the District 3 seat. He’d said he’d been a part of so many county meetings during the pandemic that he decided he’d like to serve as a commissioner.

He missed the deadline to get on the ballot, so he ran as a write-in candidate. He also changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent within the last year.

After seeing the results on Tuesday evening, Parrino told the Post he was somewhat disappointed, but that he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I am very happy to keep working with the county on Norwood’s behalf,” Parrino told the Post. “I will still be leading Norwood as mayor.”

In San Miguel County, there are three districts that comprise the board of county commissioners. District 1 includes Telluride; District 2 includes Mountain Village and Lawson Hill; and District 3 includes Placerville, Norwood and Egnar.

Voters do not vote by district, but rather vote for commissioners across all districts. In this way, residents in Placerville, Norwood and Egnar don’t necessarily elect their own commissioner.

Current District 1 commissioner Hilary Cooper ran unopposed in receiving 3,472 votes, as of press time.