At Norwood’s monthly Town Board of Trustees meeting in September, officials discussed the purchase of a Polaris vehicle, among other business items related to the public works department. 

Patti Grafmyer, the town’s administrator, reminded trustees there would be no chip-seal done to town roads this year. She said the cancellation of chip-seal is related to an issue with getting the oil to the local area. Grafmyer said the town is planning to utilize the money that was allocated for chip-seal. 

Town clerk Amanda Pierce did some research on the Polaris options, getting bids for a side-by-side vehicle with a snowplow for winter maintenance purposes. She said summer implements were also possible. 

The Town of Norwood does own an ATV, but it is a 2002 model. Town officials have described it as being in disrepair and that at least $1,000 is needed to rebuild it. 

Pierce discussed options she’d found with former public works director, Tim Lippert, who retired just last week. Lippert reviewed four quotes Pierce obtained, and those ranged from businesses in Norwood to Delta. 

Lippert and Pierce agreed that Hi-Country Motor Sports, owned by Mike Grafmyer, was the lowest in pricing for a 2022 Polaris Ranger. Additionally, purchasing from the Norwood option, they said, would keep the deal local. 

Trustee Candy Meehan said the supported shopping local, and also being able to repair the piece of equipment locally. She added Polaris was a great company, and the town would be saving money by going with Grafmyer. 

“I’d love to keep it local and it’s a need we need filled,” Mayor Kieffer Parrino added in the discussion. 

Trustee Shawn Fallon questioned safety lights and hoped the new Polaris could get those installed. Fallon and Meehan both voiced requests for the ability to add extra implements through the use of a shank. 

Grafmyer, who was in attendance, told the town staff and trustees that a hitch was possible. 

“Tell me what you want,” he said.

He said he could do turn signals, as well as lights. 

Trustees approved the purchase, which costs $13,047.

Pierce said it has to be ordered and then have the extras put on it.

“So we are looking at eight to 12 weeks, depending on the manufacturer, but it could also be sooner,” she told The Norwood Post on Monday. 

Related to public works, Lippert, in his last town meeting as director, said Joyce Hodges was still having issues with her property. He said his crew was going to clean out the ditch there. Still, he said it was “quite a job.” He said it may be too much for his department and other improvements were needed, such as a contractor to lay pipe. Lippert said he was passing the job to his replacement, Randy Harris. 

Toward the end of that meeting, Kattie Neesham, Norwood Town Marshal, shared she had an intern from the high school. Neesham has also been remodeling the marshal’s office in Norwood Town Hall. She said she invites Norwood folks to come and “check it out.”