Uncompahgre Medical Center (UMC) has a new CEO as of last week. Chuck Porth, who is coming from Ft. Myers, Florida said he’s ready for his next adventure in life and career.

Porth, a self-described “Navy brat,” received a combination of public and private school education throughout the Midwest.

After his college experience, he married his high school sweetheart and has three grown children. He holds master’s degrees in business administration and health care administration.

His professional career began in Lincoln, Nebraska. Since then, he’s worked for mostly large clinics in Illinois, Texas and other places. Most recently he was employed by Florida Heart Associates, a large cardiac practice where he served in administration.

Porth said taking the job in Norwood felt right for him, especially after interviewing with the UMC board of directors.

“We just clicked,” he said. “I really enjoyed my conversations with the board. I am a firm believer this place is going to be collegial. I’m looking forward to working with everybody here in order to achieve the goals.”

Porth began work Aug. 5 in Norwood, replacing interim CEO Nichole Long. For him, working in public health may not be that big of a change compared to his previous career of working in larger organizations.

“Of course it will be different,” he said. “Every place I have ever worked has been different than the previous. The job and the expectations were different, although at a high level, they were the same. The expectations and issues are different.”

What’s constant for Porth is working through objectives with employees, management teams and a board. His role remains the same.

“When you drill into the details, that’s where things may be different,” he said.

For him, living in Norwood is exciting. He’s always wanted to exist in a place like western Colorado. He said he’s happy he “finally gets to do this.”

Like many who are new to the area, he has found the task of finding the right housing different. He described it to The Norwood Post as “an interesting odyssey.” Still, he thinks he now has his housing in Norwood figured out. 

A lover of nature, he’s ready to see things he hasn’t seen before.

“I’ve seen hawks and golden eagles take large prey in Wyoming. I’ve walked through a rainbow in Nebraska, what is called the ‘great American desert,’ and been on the river that borders Mexico,” he said. “I love to get out and do that type of thing.”

He’s interested in what others in Norwood love about being in the area: spotting elk, fishing, camping and being in the outdoors.

Additionally, Porth is a retired soccer referee and Division I girls coach. He’s also a retired baseball umpire.

“What I am after is a life that needs to be lived — the next experience, the next challenge,” he said.

Sarah Franklin, spokesperson for the Norwood clinic, said the UMC team is happy to have Porth at the helm.

“We are very excited to welcome Chuck and his family to our community,” she said. “We feel that he has great strengths in health care management that will help our organization continue to succeed and thrive in the future.”