At the May monthly meeting for the Norwood Town Board of Trustees, officials discussed declaring their board member affiliations in the community. Some board members felt the declaration was important after a recent training with the state’s Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

Patrick Rondinelli, the DOLA representative working with the Town of Norwood, said it’s important not to participate in voting on issues when town board members have a special interest. Trustees discussed filling out a form for declaring which boards trustees represent. 

Trustee Shawn Fallon questioned the form, since trustees serve on so many boards in a small community. He said he wasn’t sure he “saw a need” for the declaration. He said trustees have been through the training and should know when to recuse themselves.

Mayor Kieffer Parrino said the declaration was “more of a formality.”

Trustee Kerry Welch said she supported the declaration and was interested to know which boards trustees were sitting on in the community.

The mayor said his wife sits on the library board. He questioned whether that should be disclosed. Town clerk Amanda Pierce said that was up to his discretion, if the library were to ask the town for donations.                         

Trustees came to a consensus that Pierce could create the board declaration form. A motion was unanimously passed to make it public what boards trustees serve on.

The board also discussed the air purifiers that businesses had an option to grab. The Town of Norwood purchased 15 air purifiers to support local businesses in reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic. As of press time Tuesday, 13 of those had been taken. Town administrator Patti Grafmyer told the board that Norwood spent $7,791 on the devices. She said it was a good thing for Norwood.

“Every one of the businesses say we are doing this so we can be open and have customers feel comfortable,” she told trustees.

Pierce told The Norwood Post that the following businesses had taken advantage of the offer: Back Country Inn, Maggie’s Pizza, Thorneycroft Bakery, ACM Excavation, Norwood Hotel, Pine Cone Realty, Hi-County Motorsports, the FRESH Food Hub, High Country Bicycles, Lone Cone Saloon, The Divide, Village Center Cleaners and A Total Image.

“We do still have funds for more businesses, but (have not received) any more applications at this time,” Pierce added.

At the May meeting, Fallon suggested the Livery apply for an air purifier, since many public events would be happening there this summer. Trustee Candy Meehan suggested the Norwood Fire Station get one.

In getting ready for the Ride the Rockies event making its way to Norwood on June 15, Pierce told trustees she was in desperate need of help.

“We need volunteers,” she said. “I can’t emphasize it enough … for an hour, or all day, or half a day.”

Pierce said local 4-H kids have signed up to handle the recycling at the event. She added that the Norwood Fire Department is running a bike coral.

Vending will take place, and the Lone Cone Legacy Trust is manning a beer booth. Anyone interested in setting up a booth or volunteering their time should contact Pierce directly at Norwood Town Hall.

“Send them my way,” Pierce told the board.