Luke and Molly Lawrence have reopened the Lone Cone Restaurant and Bar, which many folks in Norwood have already experienced first-hand — or at least heard about. Luke Lawrence told The Norwood post on Sunday that he reached out to the building’s owner, Demien Brooks, when he heard the space at “the Cone” needed to be filled. Lawrence said he had the keys to the place three days later and was open within two weeks.

“That’s definitely not the norm in restaurants to do it that quickly,” he said.

Lawrence added he and his wife wanted to get the Cone open for hunting season and before it got too cold. The Lawrence family also owns property in Norwood, and for them, the timing felt right to act. Since Sept. 16, the Lawrence family has been busy, giving Norwood folks the opportunity to gather in the place they’ve loved for years for food and drinks.

The Lawrences are not new to the food business. They’ve owned and run Telluride Private Catering for the last three years. Molly Lawrence was also a chef at the Sheridan for five years in Telluride before the couple lived in Australia and France working in food and wine businesses. Luke also helped open Wood Ear in Telluride a few years ago.

Now they’re happy to be serving pub food that’s based on Norwood’s local ingredients.

Currently, beef is sourced from Laid Back Ranch, owned by Sajun and Paula Foslom. Now, the new Cone is working on a deal with Snyder Ranches for lamb. Already, they’re using salad greens from the FRESH Food Hub in Norwood.

The menu currently features items like wings, nachos, salads and burgers. Lawrence said patrons can order the classic cheeseburger, a veggie falafel burger or a battered cod sandwich. Dinners feature a steak-of-the-day, which varies weekly. Burgers, fish and chips, falafel, and Molly’s tandoori skewers are also options.

The Lawrences are actually busier than they expected to be in Norwood. In fact, they’re having trouble staying open all six days the last few weeks as they’d originally planned. 

Hours of operation are supposed to be Wednesdays from 4 to 11 p.m. and Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Cone will be closed on Tuesdays, but it might have to be closed on Mondays also for restocking.

Lawrence said he agreed people seem to be pleased the Lone Cone is open for business.

“I think people are stoked to have a place to come out and meet people in town,” he said.

Some in Norwood may not be aware that the U.S. is experiencing a beer shortage. The Cone has three beers on tap, and the bar has 15 different whiskeys stocked with three tequilas, while other spirits and wine are available, too.

While he expects the Cone to slow down a little this winter he said that’s when the catering business will pick up in Telluride. He said working both food businesses gives him and his wife a way to be “creative and classic at the same time” in their work.

The new Cone restaurant has employed several people in town, including Sarah Gibson, Marilynn Williams, Katie Margetts, Aimee McGee, Erika Just and Christina Grant.

“We’re happy for the good response,” Luke Lawrence said.

For more information, the public may visit