JAN. 25

SKI-ITCHING: A woman wearing skis and hanging on to a black SUV driven by some guy was skitching on the Spur east of town.

JAN. 27

BUSTED: Poor driving was reported to a dispatcher who let deputies know, who, in turn, caught the vehicle and issued the driver a citation.

MUSK-A BEEN ELON: A citizen reported trespassing and flying drones.

DIDN’T MAKE THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  LIST: A citation was issued to a motorist for having fictitious plates.

DOMESTIC: Deputies responded to the Norwood area for a call of domestic violence.

JAN. 28

TEXT NOT: A deputy took a report of a possible protection order violation. After investigating the text messages it was determined that the incident was not a violation although it was close. The parties were advised to be more careful with their communications. 

DON’T TREAD ON ME: Said the rock. The tire did anyway and was rendered useless. A deputy assisted the motorist with changing her tire.

JAN. 29

OUT OF CONTROL: A person who was hit and injured by a snowboarder while standing on a run on the ski area contacted a deputy to see if a report had been made yet. The deputy advised the skier who was injured in the accident that a report had not been made by the ski area to the sheriff's office. The event was described as a hit and run incident on the ski area and is now being investigated. 

BOOK, THROWN: A woman was arrested for operating an unregistered vehicle, speeding 10-19 over the posted speed limit, failing to drive in a single lane, reckless driving, vehicular eluding, DUI/DUID and open container. 

JAN. 30

DUI-PLUS: Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was failing to drive in a single lane. Deputies arrested the driver for DUID. 

RATS OF NIMH: A manhole cover in Ilium Park went missing.

AND ANOTHER THING: A traffic stop resulted in an arrest.

FEB. 1

SAR MISSION: San Miguel County Search and Rescue and Telluride EMS/Fire responded to the Bridal Veil Falls area for a 31-year-old Colorado man who sustained a leg injury from a fall while ice climbing with a friend. He was able to partially self-extricate and SAR then transported him in a toboggan to the parking area where he refused EMS and drove to the med center for further evaluation.

GUN ON CAMPUS: Deputies responded to the Norwood school in regards to a rifle found in a vehicle parked in the school parking lot. The owner was contacted and the rifle was seized. The Norwood marshal will be following up with the school. 

I’M WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND I’M HERE TO HELP: The reporting party reported a trespasser in the area. The call was unfounded. The trespasser was confirmed to be a government employee completing work-related actions. 

FEB. 5

WHICH LANE?: Deputies contacted a vehicle for failing to drive within a single lane and arrested the driver for multiple charges. 

FEB. 6

BARKY MCBARKSALOT: Deputies responded to a report of a dog barking for roughly an hour.


JAN. 28

HARSH: A bike was reported stolen.

YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO COMPLY: An occupancy complaint at local restaurant was fielded. They were in compliance.

PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER PATROL: Foot patrol of local businesses showed all were under capacity and following regulations.          

JAN. 29

STRANGE DAYS, INDEED: A check of local restaurants and bars for occupancy restrictions found all were in compliance.

JAN. 30

KICK-FLIP OFF: Officers responded to a noise complaint about skateboarders. The skaters got a verbal warning.

LOST OWNER: A dog was turned over to the Telluride Animal Hospital where he found his owner.

SIGN O’ THE TIMES: Foot patrol in the downtown area resulted in restaurant compliance within capacity.

FEB. 1

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT: Following a call about a disturbance a subject was contacted and counseled.

GO IN PEACE, OR JUST GO: Intoxicated and aggressive customers at a   local restaurant were gone upon arrival of officers.

FEB. 2

DOMESTIC: The parties involved in a domestic dispute were separated for the night.

FEB. 6

AGENCY ASSIST: Officers assisted sheriff’s deputies on a domestic violence call.

LIKE PEACHES AND HERB: A dog and his owner were … sing it … reunited.

WHERE AM I?: Officers assisted an intoxicated subject at the gondola.

HERE TO HELP: Two motorists were assisted by TMO on this day.

DON’T EAT IT, BEAT IT: The case of an unwanted person eating at a local dining establishment was resolved with conversation.

FEB. 7

COVID HEAD COUNT-IT’S A THING: A public health order complaint revealed no violations.

WELFARE CHECK: A welfare check resulted in an EMS transport to the clinic.

DUI: Don’t. Drive. Drunk.

EMS ASSIST: Officers helped health responders with an intoxicated individual.