OCT. 28

SUMMER TIRES CLUB FALL MEETING: A snow squall confounded a number of motorists on Keystone Hill.

SEMI-STUCK: The same weather event rendered a semi helpless on Lizard Head Pass until a plow was able to clear the road.

SNOW DAZE: A deputy assisted state patrol with an accident near Sawpit.

NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST: A deputy took a report of lost sheep on Lizard Head Pass.

HOW DO I ARREST THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: A female was arrested for driving under revocation, unlawful possession of a schedule II drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

GAS, GAS, GAS: Can’t go up Norwood Hill without it.

OCT. 29

MEDICAL ASSIST: Deputies responded to the Redvale area to assist medical personnel with a subject that was not breathing.

CRUNCH TIME: Deputies assisted state patrol with an accident near Matterhorn campground.

SUSPICIOUS ACITIVITY: A Lawson Hill resident observed something suspicious near their residence. Though no crimes were committed, the resident was advised to call back with more info, if need be.

SMOKIN’: A report of smoke on Wilson Mesa was determined to be from a controlled burn.

SNOW TIRES ARE A THING: A number of motorists needed help getting traction up Keystone Hill.

HAVE YOU SWITCHED OUT YOUR SUMMER TIRES YET?: This guy didn’t and got stuck in a snow bank.

OCT. 30

BASKETBALL JONES: Rocks the size of basketballs were reported on the road.

LEAVE ME ALONE: There is an ongoing investigation into a report of harassment.

NO BODY HOME: A deputy found an unattended vehicle in the county parking lot at Lawson Hill with its rear compartment opened. The deputy closed it.

OCT. 31

AUTO-BAAAAHN: A sheep was spotted on Lizard Head Pass apparently sans herd.

NABBED: A man was arrested for a felony warrant out of San Miguel County for 1st degree criminal trespass of a dwelling and theft of more than $5,000 and less than $20,000.

NOT SO FAST: After a brief foot chase, a man was taken into custody for resisting arrest, obstruction of a police officer, and then arrested when it was discovered he had a felony warrant out of Arizona.

NOV. 1

STRANGER THINGS: A report was taken of a series of suspicious incidents on a Telluride area property.

NOV. 3

OVERDUE: A hunter was reported overdue when he became separated from his partner while tracking elk. The hunter was later located walking toward the highway with a flashlight. He was prepared for the weather and had a GPS for navigation.

NOV. 5

ARRESTED AND GRILLED: A man was arrested on an outstanding warrant at a local burger joint.

WAPITI DOWN: A vehicle versus elk accident resulted in a dead ungulate and less than $1,000 damage to the vehicle.

NOV. 6

ARREST: A Nucla man was arrested on multiple felony warrants.

SCAM-A-LAM-A DING-DONG: No one, repeat, no one will ever call you from the Social Security Administration. And if they ask you to purchase WalMart gift card, consider it a red flag warning. Tell them politely where to stick it before hanging up and going about your day.

CUT: A deputy and the father of a young man with a serious laceration stemmed the bleeding until the emergency medical services folks arrived.

NOV. 7

JUST SO YOU KNOW: Deputies are investigating a drugs case.

NOV. 8

DO NOT FORGIVE: A possible trespasser was reported in the Ski Ranches area, but could not be located.

NOV. 9

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: An inopportune nap led to a crash and a ticket for careless driving.

NOV. 10

CLOSE CALL: A driver was issued a summons for failure to yield right of way to stationary emergency vehicle after nearly hitting two police officers working an accident scene.

NOV. 11

DOGGONE: A ranch dog trespassed and the owner was called to pick up the dog.


OCT. 20

UNINSURED: A man was issued a summons for not being able to provide proof of insurance.

NOV. 5

PAIN IN THE GLASS: A witness reported that two men were heard saying, “Let’s get out of here,” after one of them accidently fell into and breaking a pane of glass at the Last Dollar Saloon.

NOV. 18

END OF THE AFFAIR: A woman was arrested for domestic violence after physically trying to prevent her lover from ending an affair.

Editor's note: Cop shop is compiled and written by Daily Planet staff.