FEB. 25

AS A PANCAKE: A motorist with a flat tire near Silver Pick Road declined assistance from a deputy who offered.

STUCK: A deputy assisted a motorist who was stuck in their driveway in the Fall Creek area.

FALSE REPORTING: A party who reported being suicidal was not, and just wanted to talk with an officer. The person was cited for false reporting.

FEB. 26

NOT ROADWORTHY: A driver broke down in a sketchy place in San Miguel Canyon and was issued a warning for multiple violations related to an unsafe vehicle.

PRIVATE PROPERTY: Is not where sheriffs can enforce parking issues. The resident was advised it was a civil matter.

THE FIRST OF MANY: This edition of Cop Shop will feature numerous reports of rocks in the road, but this one is remarkable for the issue being spread along two miles of Highway 145.

UNATTENDED DEATH: Deputies assisted the coroner with an unattended death in Lawson Hill.

FEB. 27

NO LONGER TRUCKIN’: A semi crashed near Redvale in Montrose County.

BY THE WAY AND NEVER MIND: A deputy took a traffic complaint from a citizen. The incident happened some time ago and the reporting party did not want to provide a written statement.

I WANT YOU, TO SHOW ME THE WAY: A semi parked in the middle of the highway near Placerville was looking for directions to Cortez. The deputy told him the way.

FREE RIDE: A deputy provided a prisoner with a complimentary ride to the jail in Ilium valley.

MENTAL HEALTH CALL: A suicidal subject was transported to the hospital in Montrose.

WE WILL, WE WILL: A motorist reported a rock on Highway 141.

FEB. 28

CRASH: A head-on crash on Keystone Hill resulted in injuries to both drivers. Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is handling the investigation.

MEANWHILE: CSP responded to a traffic complaint on Deep Creek Road because deputies were busy with the head-on accident.

FORGERY: A report of forgery from a Delta County deputy is currently under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.


LAY YOUR BIG BIKE DOWN: Deputies maintained scene security at the site of a motorcycle crash near Placerville while CSP investigated.

ROCK RAGE: Rocks along Highway 62 disabled a number of vehicles that had hit them. Tow trucks were booked for the event.

ALWAYS WITH THE ROCKS: More rocks in the road necessitated that CDOT crews remove them.

NOT DRUNK: A motorist that had been reported as possibly intoxicated was located by deputies and determined to not be, in fact, drinking while driving.


NAP TIME: The driver of a vehicle that had pulled over to grab a nap was educated on better places to snooze, as the car was partially blocking a lane of traffic.

SLIPPED: A car slipped off the road in icy conditions and hired a tow truck.

THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL: Placed rocks on Norwood Hill.

INJURY ACCIDENT: A deputy assisted CSP with an injury accident west of Norwood on Highway 145.


POCKET DIAL: Was the culprit behind an erroneous 911 call.

STUCK: A deputy assisted a motorist become unstuck on Trout Lake Road.

OVERDUE: A party in the Priest Lake area was reported overdue during inclement weather.

WEAVER: A driver was pulled over for reportedly weaving, but upon contact it was determined no laws had been broken.

SNOOZE BUTTON: An overdue party was just sleeping and did not have their cellular device with them.

SNOWED IN: A motorist stuck in the snow was unstuck by a friendly passers-by.


FEB. 24

STICKY FINGERS: A theft occurred.

FEB. 25

HARRASSMENT: A report for harassment was taken.

TRESPASSING: A report for trespassing was taken.

COYOTES: A caller reported coyote problems; they were referred to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

FALSE ALARM: As always.

HARRASSMENT: Another report for harassment was taken.  

DANG YOTES: Another caller reported coyote problems; they were also referred to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A domestic incident occurred.

HMMMM: A “suspicious incident” occurred.


AT LEAST IT WORKS: False alarm sounded.


ANOTHER ONE: Alarm that was false blared.

Editor's note: Cop shop is compiled and written by Daily Planet staff.