OCT. 21

NOTHING TO SEE HERE: A natural gas leak near Idarado Mine was contained by the time deputies were able to respond.

THE CASE OF THE ABANDONED SUITCASE: A suitcase with miscellaneous items of clothing was found in a tent at the Fall Creek campsite.

SUMMONED: A man was issued a summons for driving with a suspended license and driving a motor vehicle without insurance.

OCT. 22

PISTOL, NICKED: A firearm was reported possibly stolen. Or maybe packed away somewhere. This person didn’t know.

OCT. 23

GET OFFA MY LAWN: Deputies contacted a person in Telluride’s east end about trespassers. The person indicated he’d take care of it himself.

BOXY LADY: A UPS driver piloting a rental box truck was contacted for crossing a double yellow on Norwood Hill. The driver said a box had shifted in the front seat, catching him off guard.

I SHEEP PERCHANCE TO DREAM: A report of sheep on Lizard Head Pass was checked on, but no sheep were there.

SLEEP ON IT: A verbal dispute in Norwood was resolved when the parties involved separated and went to bed.

OCT. 24

BREAK INN: A local inn was burgled.

BROKEN BAD: A car was disabled with a broken axle and needed a tow.

OCT. 25

STAY IN YOUR LANE:  Deputy stopped a vehicle on Highway 145 for a lane usage violation. The driver of the vehicle, a 72-year-old Montrose man, was found to have an active felony warrant out of Ouray County for dangerous drugs and possession of a firearm with a $60,000 bond.

SLOW DOWN: A man was issued a penalty assessment for driving without a valid driver’s license and for speeding 10-19 mph over the posted limit.

VET THREAT: The investigation of a threat made at a veterinary clinic revealed no crime had taken place.

TREAD TIGHTLY: A deputy responded to the top of Norwood Hill to take part in a motorist assist. A stock trailer had the tread come off one of the tires, causing it to wrap around the axle. Officers were able to get the tire off and unwind the tread. The driver was able to drive on the remaining tires.

NOT MR. ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD: A civil dispute between neighbors is ongoing and restraining orders are involved.

OCT. 26

HOME SWEET TENT: A camp, which was thought to be abandoned was not, in fact. A man is living there to be near his place of work.

LOOSE LIKE OUT OF THE PASTURE, NOT LOOSE LIKE HOT TO TROT: Deputies spoke with the owner of some loose cows.

WHISKEY COLOGNE: A man was pulled over for speeding … he smelled like alcohol. He did roadsides and it was determined he wasn’t drunk, but he did get a warning for speeding.

DOE!: A dead deer was reported and whoever struck and killed it didn’t stick around, but left windshield glass at the scene.

OCT. 27

KA-BOOM: A report of fireworks in the Fall Creek area was investigated.


AUG. 12

ONE-STAR RATING: Staff members for the film festival reported a local business owner had made threats about an annual party held near his business.

SEPT. 25

NOT LOCKED: A bike was reported stolen.

SEPT. 28

AN ISSUE OF MASS AND SCALE: The driver of a Winnebago hit a car while pulling out of a parking space.

OCT. 7

THE SPUR SLALOM: A motorist was observed weaving down the spur. No brake lights were observed. The overheads were activated. The driver pulled over. She was arrested for driving without a license, possession of drug paraphernalia and having open containers on board.

OCT. 9

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A woman was arrested for domestic violence when she hit her partner.

OCT. 11

NOT LOCKED: A bike was reported stolen.

GRAB AND GO: A small purse containing some cash and other items was swiped from the front seat of an unlocked car on Main Street.

A SOLID CLUE: An illegal campsite’s resident was indentified by the discovery of prescription pill bottles with the camper’s name on them. The camper was located and cited for camping illegally on town property.

THIS AIN’T NOLA: A local homeless individual was cited for violating the open container law.

OCT. 14

WHEN YA GOTTA GO: In front of the officer and anyone else who may have been walking by the warming hut in Town Park, a transient individual — who’d illegally slept in the hut overnight — was observed taking his morning leak while packing up his things for a ride in the cop car.

LOST SKATEBOARD: A skateboard was found near the Town Park stage and turned in to the TMO. If not claimed it will be sold at the bike auction next year.

OCT. 15

THREE HOTS AND A COT: An inebriated homeless individual being cited for trespassing in Town Park asked repeatedly to be arrested and taken to jail.

LOCKED: And still stolen.

OCT. 26

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: It’s all anyone wants, but the residents of a local condo took issue with a transient individual who’d made a habit of bedding down in the underground parking garage, something he’d been doing since September.

OCT. 27

OOPS: The driver of a municipal truck left the truck when it started slipping off the Telluride Trail where he was doing work. He walked further up the trail when he heard a sound that likely resulted in a sinking spell. His truck rolled off the side of the trail and landed wheels down on a large boulder.

NOV. 1

UNCLAIMED: A bike abandoned at the marshal’s department for quite some time will be part of next year’s bike auction.

Cop shop is compiled and written by Daily Planet staff.