NOV. 18

CLASS ACT: A Norwood woman was cited for driving with an improper class of license.

ANIMALS EVERYWHERE: Deputies investigated an animal problem on Wright’s Mesa.

RUNNING ON EMPTY: A deputy assisted a motorist that had run out of gas and then stayed to jump the vehicle once a friend arrived with some fuel.

NOV. 19

TIRED EYES: A Lawson Hill resident reported suspicious activity. Three males were looking at a stack of tires on the subject’s residence.

NOV. 20

POP A SQUAT. OR NOT: A report of squatting in the Fall Creek area was checked, but other than an abandoned fire ring, there was no squatter.

TATTLED ON THE CATTLE: Cows were reported in the road in the Norwood area and the owner was advised which direction they were headed. It’s doubtful they found the freedom they craved.

NOV. 22

REVOKED: A Norwood man was arrested for driving with a revoked license.

NOBODY HOME: So when a suspicious vehicle was contacted attempting to drive to a vacant house, and the folks in the vehicle did not have a solid explanation, deputies determined additional investigation was in order.

NOV. 23

THE PLOT THICKENS: As a follow-up to the previous entry, the subject in the car driving to a vacant house was found to have used a false name and social security number with his employer and was arrested for identity theft.

NOV. 24

SUSPICIOUS: A search for a suspicious person on a property in Norwood came up empty.

NOV. 25

GOT THE MEMO: A red tag on an unregistered car signaled to the owner to move it or lose it. He moved it.

NOV. 26

UNATTENDED DEATH: The county coroner investigated.

ROLLOVER: The driver of a single vehicle rollover on Lone Cone Road was uninjured.

GET IN ON THE TRACTION: With chains on icy roads.

COLD NIGHT OUT: Deputies assisted the Montrose County Sheriff’s office in locating a missing person that was stuck in the snow overnight.

NOV. 27

THAT WINTERTIME THING: A vehicle slipped off Highway 145.

SPARKS FLEW: Local electric power crews repaired a sparking line in Norwood.

THREE’S A CROWD: A trio of vehicles was stuck at an intersection on a nearby mesa. One could be extricated, but the other two had to wait until the next day.

ALL’S WELL: Officers searched for two persons who departed Montrose at the previous day to reportedly clean a location unknown remote residence and were overdue 24 hours. A search effort led to recovery of two women who had become disoriented and subsequently stranded at altitude when their vehicle was stuck/buried on the upper Divide Road in Montrose County. Two women and a dog spent the previous day and night, waiting out the blizzard, before attempting to walk out. The women were found by a search team, cold, wet and tired.

NOV. 28

DON’T BE CRUEL: To animals or anything else. Deputies are investigating an allegation of animal cruelty.

NOV. 29

SNOW SNARL: Deputies assisted Colorado State Patrol with a snow-related traffic problem on Highway 145.

SNOWMAGEDDON: Deputies assisted a motorist on Highway 145 near Ophir in adverse weather.

ROCK HAS ROLLED: It happens on Norwood Hill quite frequently.

STUCK: Blame the weather.

STUCK: See above.

ACCIDENT: Damn you, weather!

ENT MARCH: Branches in the road near Placerville were likely because of … yep, the weather.

CHAINING’S A PAIN: But traction, you’ll gain.

DITCHED: Needless to say, local law enforcement, tow truck operators and others were busy with the collateral damage from a healthy snowstorm.

DICTHES EAT CARS: Especially in foul weather.

HONEY, I’M HOME: But unfortunately, without internet a woman was unable to let her worried boyfriend know she’d made it home safely in bad weather.

ICED: A tow truck came to the rescue.

THE ROAD WASN’T THE ONLY THING LUBRICATED: A car went in a ditch. The driver was arrested for DUI.

DEC. 1

DOGS RUN FREE: A dog at large was wily and remained at large.

S’NO GOOD: Deputies assisted a family from Arizona having difficulty gaining traction going up Lawson Hill.

BLOWOUT: A deputy was flagged down by a motorist who’d had a rear tire blowout. The deputy assisted with changing the tire.


NOV. 22

WHO’S NOT A GOOD BOY?: The owner of an at-large, vicious and unlicensed dog was cited for those offenses.

NOV. 26

SEPARATE CORNERS: Officers responded to a disturbance in progress, which was resolved by separating the male and female disturbers.

DEC. 2

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE: A male, who admitted to drinking and had evidence of his consumption in his truck, Fireballed and Budweisered his way into a ditch on this night. In addition, he had a suspended driver’s license and his vehicle plates were expired. “Just take me to jail,” he told officers. And so they did.

IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR: A citizen called in a motorist traveling ahead of him, eastbound on the spur, though mostly in the westbound lane, who then went in the roundabout the wrong way (of course sober drivers have a hard time navigating the roundabout correctly), and then proceeded down Mahoney Drive and into the Shandoka parking lot where his travels came to an end. The citizen obtained the driver’s car keys, which he handed over to responding officers. The driver, though affable, did roadside sobriety tests as well as he drove and was charged with DUI.