NOV. 1

DOMESTIC: Following a traffic stop, a man was arrested for an outstanding warrant for domestic violence.

NOT MIA: Deputies checked on a Norwood resident that hadn’t been seen for a while. She was fine and had been away for the weekend for a wedding.

PACKIN’ OUT: A hunter was packing out his kill and his partner was concerned. All was well and freezer space was made.

NOV. 3

GHOST SHIP: Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle weaving down the highway. The vehicle was found with no occupants.

DAIUI: That’s driving as if under the influence … a motorist was stopped and given roadside tests. It was determined he was sober.

NOV. 4

CRACKED: Pulled over for a cracked windshield, a driver was found to not have a valid license.

AGENCY ASSIST: Deputies assisted Telluride officers with the arrest of an individual in violation of a restraining order.

WHY DID YOU DO IT TO THE ROAD: He who damages the county road must fix the county road. It is written.

SHOULDA FIXED THAT: A motorist pulled over for a cracked windshield was arrested on multiple charges.

NOV. 5

SHARPIE CAR: A vehicle bearing a homemade license plate was pulled over where it was discovered the driver didn’t have a valid license, either.

NOV. 6

DOUBLE DANGEROUS: A motorist was pulled over for passing on a double yellow and cited.

NOV. 7

THE TRUCK STOPS HERE: A motorist was pulled over and subsequently arrested on multiple charges.

NOV. 8

WHILE YOU’RE HERE: An inmate at Sheriff Bill’s House of Clean Living was charged with telecommunications crime and theft.

GROUP W BENCH: Two bags of trash were left at the Bridal Veil parking lot. The contents were examined and the owners identified and charged with littering.

NOV. 10

COPSPLAINED: A female motorist was pulled over and instructed on proper passing techniques.

NOV. 12

GRAB AND GO: A traffic stop resulted in an arrest.

NOV. 14

WILDLIFE: A mountain lion reported hit by a car in the Ophir area was euthanized.

DOMESTIC: A domestic violence call in the Fall Creek area resulted in the arrest of a male on related charges.


NOV. 4

HONEY, I’M HOME: An overdue party from the previous night returned home in the morning.

STOLEN MEMORIES: A car was reported stolen. It was not. Its location was simply forgotten.

NOV. 5

MASKHOLE: There was a disturbance at a local grocery store over mask usage. Or not.

AGENCY ASSIST: Officers assisted sheriff’s deputies with roadside tests for a DUI traffic stop.

NOV. 6

BULLSH*T: Officers assisted a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer with an elk kill near the Valley Floor.

NOV. 7

LAST CALL?: A bear ravaged a string of dumpsters on a late night alley rampage.

NOV. 9

SHOUTING MATCH: A loud argument was mediated.

NOV. 11

URSINE URGENCY: Another bear. Another alley. Another night.

LIGHTFINGERS LOUIE: Officers took a shoplifting report. It was one of two this week.

NOV. 12

LOST, FOUND: There were numerous reports of lost property, some recovered, some that will languish for all time.

WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES: It’s a good idea to make sure you have a key before it locks behind you. Officers assisted with several lockouts in this stirring edition of Cop Shop.

NOV. 15

LIKE A DANG KISS SONG: Loud music drew the ire of unappreciative neighbors who called the po-po on the festivities. Party over.