Telluride Christian Fellowship pastor Ketrich Steger is moving to Texas to work with the Refuge for DMST. David and Theresa Cannon have taken over senior pastorship. (Courtesy photo)

David and Theresa Cannon have taken over senior pastorship at Telluride Christian Fellowship, as former pastor Ketrich Steger and wife, Suella, relocate to Texas to work with the Refuge for DMST. At the refuge, the Stegers will work in rescuing and restoring women involved in sex trafficking.

The Cannons have been involved with Telluride Christian Fellowship for many years with bible school and other programs. David Cannon has also served as the associate pastor.

“My wife Theresa and I are honored to be the new senior leaders at Telluride Christian Fellowship. Our hearts are to serve and help people discover God’s amazing love and good plans for their lives,” David Cannon said.

“Both of them are very good counselors,” Ketrich Steger said, adding the Cannon’s gifts in motivational speaking, Theresa’s expertise in marriage counseling and David’s ability to connect with individuals make them valuable congregation members. “I really believe they can just take Telluride Christian Fellowship and the community to another level and continue the momentum going forward.”

The Cannons are both authors. David Cannon wrote the book “God Speaks: Recognizing the Voice” and Theresa wrote “Enjoy the Journey: 90 Days to Refocus, Renew and Embrace Life.”

“Good communication is a major key to any healthy relationship. Therefore, I am passionate about helping others discover and recognize the voice of a God who loves to communicate with His children,” David Cannon said.

Heather White, a member of Telluride Christian Fellowship for over 10 years, shared her thoughts on David Cannon.

“He has strengthened our knowledge of spiritual gifts and taught us how to unconditionally love others as Jesus loves them,” she said. “David's gentle and kind approach with people encourages people to take note. He listens and truly cares about what other's needs are.”

White also described the relationship surrounding the Cannons and how they work effectively as a team.

“David and Theresa are a team in their business and in their spiritual beliefs, as well as at the church. She is present, ministering and teaching as is David,” White explained. “This is a particularly enjoyable aspect to us in their work and ministry in the church.”

Steger said the Cannons have had a positive impact on the church and offered support to the Stegers. 

“Every pastor needs someone they can talk to as well. The assumption is always that pastors have it all worked out. David and Theresa were those people that Sue and I could always call, lean on or just to get away with,” Steger said. “They were really good sounding boards and a pastoral counsel for Sue and I. We worked really well as a team and they just really honored us.”

The Stegers will continue to hold seats on the Telluride Christian Fellowship board, as Steger explained that he will still offer support to the church.

While the Cannons are assuming all senior pastor responsibilities, it is uncertain if they will maintain those positions long-term.

“We do not know if this will be a permanent assignment or if we are just filling in until God calls someone else. We are praying concerning this, as are many friends of ours,” David Cannon said.  

David Cannon explained that over 30 years ago, he used to co-pastor a church in the Cortez and Dolores area. “During that time, I would make regular trips to Telluride and meet with the then-leader of Telluride Christian Fellowship,” he explained. “We would pray for the town of Telluride and the surrounding areas. Who would have known that 30 some years later I would have the joy of loving, leading and serving in this great community.” 

White explained that Telluride Christian Fellowship has had many great pastors and leaders throughout the years, and while each one is different, they all share a common mission and message.

“The common bond is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and what it does for us today. Our areas of focus are healing, salvation, deliverance from bondage and joy, peace, patience, kindness and love,” White said. “We hope that others can come and hear David's message of hope, love and how we show love to others and feel part of something bigger. We welcome all who come.”

Telluride Christian Fellowship is located at 100 East Columbia Ave. Celebration services are held at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays, with midweek prayer services at noon on Tuesdays. A midweek meeting and discussion called Real Talk is held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. For more information, visit