MV housing lottery

The Mountain Village Housing Authority and San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA) are partnering to sell the above Castellina deed-restricted unit. (Courtesy photo)

Mountain Village residents who qualify for deed-restricted housing can apply for the current Castellina condo lottery, which is open until Dec. 8 at noon, according to housing officials.

The lottery results, along with all lottery applicants, will be posted online at on Dec. 14 at noon, as the Mountain Village Housing Authority and San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA) are partnering to sell the deed-restricted unit in the heart of Mountain Village to those employed within the Town of Mountain Village boundaries through a weighted lottery process.

“SMRHA is pleased to take part in assisting the Town of Mountain Village employees in gaining access to affordable housing,” said SMHRA Executive Director Corenna Howard said.

 The unit at 117 East Vischer Drive is a one-bedroom, deed-restricted detached condo in Castellina (Unit E). It is 700 square feet with parking, basement storage, upgraded finishes and high-end appliances, according to a Mountain Village news release. HOA, utilities and insurance are not included in the $252,766.06 sale price.

A number of open houses were held by appointment only over the past two weeks, according to the release, including a final one today (Wednesday) from noon to 1 p.m. Applications may be submitted by appointment only and are available online on the SMRHA website or by appointment at 820 Black Bear Road G-17. 

Howard told the Daily Planet Monday that there hadn’t been applications yet, but she expects them to start coming in as the opening houses conclude, possibly by the start of next week. 

“The lottery process just began last week so we have not received any applications at this time. At this point, I would expect about 10 applications that might be submitted, but again it is early,” she said.

The COVID-19 has caused economic and housing hardship locally, so providing an opportunity to working residents find and possibly purchase an affordable-housing unit in Mountain Village is something the town is happy to collaborate with the SMRHA on.

“The Town of Mountain Village recognizes how tough the local housing market is for our workforce, and we are thrilled that someone who contributes to our local economy will have the opportunity at homeownership with the lottery of Castellina Unit E. The unit is located within striking distance of the Mountain Village Center and is a wonderful place for someone in our local workforce to call home,” town public information officer Kathrine Warren said.

SMRHA has been busy as of late, Howard explained, mainly with the ongoing Telluride compliance check, which takes place ever other year and makes sure the owners of the town’s 229 deed-restricted units still qualify for their affordable housing.

“This is a routine check which is taking place during unprecedented times, and SMRHA is very sensitive to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on everyone. SMRHA would like to assure the community that this process is to ensure the affordable housing program is serving the people it was designed to assist and not to displace homeowners during these trying times,” according to the SMRHA’s website.

The compliance check is almost finished, Howard said, and it’s gone well so far.

“We had a great response from the community,” she said. “Overall, the owners were timely and responsive to the request for information. We are on the final days of reviewing the documents and hope to have the majority of the compliance process wrapped up by the end of the year.

“In general, the first few months of the pandemic were obviously slow with the shutdown, but since the community began to open back up this summer, we have been very busy, especially with sales of deed-restricted properties, seasonal works looking for housing and the compliance check.”